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  • Klezmer Funk Hip-Hop? Abraham Inc.

    Fred Wesley, left, and David Krakauer

    The legendary Apollo theater in Harlem was one of the few theaters in New York to hire African-American performers in the 1930s, but the venue itself was owned by Jews. So it's fitting that the klezmer-funk-hip-hop group Abraham Inc. will be having their debut performance at the Apollo tonight.

  • Having Fun, Making Magic in the Kitchen

    Ian Pierce in Cafe 128's kitchen

    Michael May has known chef Ian Pierce since high school. He was sort of a hippie and class clown -- so May was a bit surprised when he read the reviews calling Pierce one of St. Paul's best chefs, and decided to visit his kitchen.

  • The Godfather of Soul Saves Boston

    The Godfather of Soul

    Rioting erupted in more than 100 U.S. cities following the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. But many say Boston was spared the violence in part by a live TV broadcast of James Brown at the Boston Gardens.

  • King's Last March

    1968 march turns violent

    Four decades after Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, he remains one of the most vivid symbols of hope for racial unity in America. But that's not the way he was viewed the last year of his life -- Kate Ellis talks about her hour-long documentary of King's final days.

  • Carolyn Wonderland: A True Texas Guitar Hero(ine) Gets Her SXSW Due

    Carolyn Wonderland

    If there's any center to the South By Southwest musical storm, it's the legendary club Antone's in downtown Austin, Texas -- a stage made famous by guitar giant Stevie Ray Vaughn. Local favorite Carolyn Wonderland takes that same stage to cap the SXSW festival, and maybe add to her own growing reputation as a blues player worthy of Vaughn's legacy.

  • Texas Dems Warm Up to Political Spotlight

    Obama supporters in Austin

    After years of being dominated by Republican politics, Texas Democrats relished their time in the media spotlight Tuesday as senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama battled for delegates. The state may have swung in Clinton's favor, but the race is far from over.

  • Schuyler's Monster

    Schuyler Will Be Heard

    Robert Rummel-Hudson's daughter, Schuyler, has a rare brain deformation that makes it impossible for her to speak. Throughout her childhood, before he even knew she had the disease, Robert, posted all about being a new parent on his blog. And he continued throughout and after the diagnosis. It's provided unvarnished truth about raising a child with a disability.

  • From Refugee to All Star

    Reuben M. Koroma

    The band Refugee All Stars was formed in a refuge camp in Sierra Leone during a brutal civil war. Like a fairy tale, they were discovered by a major label. Now they have released several albums and have toured throughout the world. Weekend America's Michael May caught up with the band to talk about their success.

  • City Voter, Country Voter

    Bill Bishop

    Bill Bishop, editor of an online magazine devoted to rural issues called "The Daily Yonder," talks about another voting divide: city versus country. He speaks with Weekend America host Desiree Cooper about what's on the minds of rural voters.

  • Laughing in the Museum is Allowed

    Comedian Stephen Colbert got his portrait hung in the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, at the entrance to the restrooms. Humor's not unknown in museums, but we don't always expect to find it there. Weekend America host Bill Radke speaks with conceptual artist and critic Jonathon Keats.

  • The Truth About Jena

    Mychal Bell's Parents & Co. on Capitol Hill

    After racial tensions came to a head in the small town of Jena, La., Atlantic Monthly contributor Amy Waldman found that there was more to the racial conflict than most of the media coverage reflected.

  • Four Generations of Charro

    Bandito Y Yo

    The Mexican charro has had considerable influence on the American version of the cowboy and his rodeo traditions. Weekend America's Michael May profiles Jerry Diaz, a fourth-generation charro in New Braunfels, Texas.

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