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Krissy Clark

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  • Word of the Year

    Words of the American Dialect Society

    At the yearly joint meeting of the American Dialect Society and the Linguistic Society of America this weekend, members will select the words of the year for 2008. The linguists like to think the words they choose shed light on the way our language and our culture have changed over the last year.

  • Coming Home to a Smell

    The Feedlot Up Close

    In California, I-5 connects Los Angeles with San Francisco. The trip takes about six hours, and it can be monotonous. But almost exactly halfway between the two towns, there is a stop that distinguishes itself. By smell.

  • A Sword of Memories

    The sword's has World War Two era fittings, but th

    Krissy Clark was 11 when she realized her dad had killed someone. She had always suspected there was a story behind the samurai sword and Japanese military helmet that hung above the mantle, but it was only later that it all came together.

  • From the Theater of War to the Theater of Plays

    Can you picture Brad Pitt going off to fight in Iraq? It might not have been so strange 50 years ago. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and James Doohan all fought for the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Nowadays we don't come across too many people who've spent time acting as well as serving in the military. But VetStage, a new theater company in Los Angeles, is trying to change that. "Weekend America's" Krissy Clark spent time with the group while they rehearsed for their first performance, "The Wolf."

  • The Lonely Hearts Club

    Weekend America's Krissy Clark recently noticed some mysterious fliers posted on phone poles around the Los Angeles area. They say: "Lost!!!! I lost my heart somewhere between downtown LA and Venice and it might be broken. If found, please email find.my.heart@gmail.com. I really need it back!" The fliers made Clark laugh, but also left her wondering who would respond. We meet some of the people who were drawn in.

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