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Krissy Clark

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  • Gated Into Foreclosure

    Mike Heger getting ready to move

    The city of Las Vegas, Nev., has been hit hard by the subprime mortgage crisis and recent economic turmoil. Property values have plummeted, and the area has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Things are especially dire in the newer parts of the city and freshly built subdivisions, like the gated community of San Niccolo.

  • Counterfeiters sour fine wine trade

    Fine wine prices have shot up dramatically in recent years. But wine collectors aren't the only ones seeing dollar signs. So are wine counterfeiters. An estimated 5% of wines sold in secondary markets could be fakes. Krissy Clark reports.

  • Happy Birthday Google?

    If you Google the phrase "Google's birthday," some results say it's this weekend. Some say it's a couple weeks away. Some say it was a few days ago. It's almost as if you can't trust what you read online. We Google so much, it's an actual verb now. And much has been written about whether it's making us smarter, making us stupider, or just plain changing the way our brains work. Now that so many topics can be explored with Google, what's really left to talk about when you get together with friends to celebrate, or enjoy people's company?

  • A festival to celebrate 'slow food'

    In this fast-food obsessed country, one group of foodies holds huge festivals to celebrate dinner in the slow lane. Krissy Clark gets details from one of the organizers.

  • Denver, Meet the DNC

    Democrats from around the country are headed to Denver, by plane, train, and Prius, for their party's national convention. On Monday the delegates, regular and super, will get down to business, hammer out this year's party platform, pump themselves up--and the rest of America, they hope--for the general election season. But Denver's not waiting until then to get their party started.

  • Small-Time Growers, Major Cash Cow


    The economy may be wilting, but one thing is looking up in many parts of the country this weekend: The tomato vine in your neighbor's backyard and the squash patch down the block. Summer is ending and gardens are bountiful. Krissy Clark talked to some folks who discovered creative ways to harness their backyard bounty.

  • How to Cook a Wolf

    Not wolf stew, but rather homemade gaspacho.

    As the economy slows, food prices rise, and more families are turning to food stamps and food banks to get by. It's enough to make the whole eating thing an anxiety-ridden affair. But solace might be found in an old book.

  • A Native American Take on Independence

    Michelle Singer and Bruce Babbitt, July 4, 1998

    This weekend, we celebrate our nation's 232nd birthday. But it's not a celebration for everybody, especially for many of the Indian tribes who lived here long before the Founding Fathers got here. So how is the Fourth of July handled on sovereign Indian lands? Weekend America's Krissy Clark spoke with some tribal members to find out.

  • Painting the Air with Flights of Fancy

    Born to fly

    On the beach in Santa Monica, a 97-year-old man delights his many friends -- plus makes new ones -- with his fanciful menagerie of kites. Tyrus Wong once painted backgrounds for classic Disney films. Now he paints the air with paper swallows, pandas and centipedes.

  • Summer Travel: Authentic Pt. Reyes

    Oldest barn on the former Giacomini Dairy Ranch

    Maintaining authenticity is hard once a place becomes a tourist destination. Weekend America's Krissy Clark recently visited Point Reyes Station, an old ranch town about an hour north of San Francisco where deciding what does and doesn't require preservation has raised some debate. This is our latest installment of a series of stories on summer travel.

  • Pre-Wedding Jitters for a Gay Couple

    Some businesses look forward to gay marriage

    The civil ceremony performers who make all those marriages legit are the true unsung heroes of June. And for at least one of those civil servants in Northern California, the diagnosis this weekend is exhaustion and the slightest case of something he never really thought he'd have -- his own pre-wedding jitters...

  • Decades Later, Haunted by PTSD

    Playing taps at the World War II Memorial

    Like many veterans of his generation, Don LaFond has never been too open with his emotions about the war. Now, he talks about them every Friday, in a support group for older vets. Weekend America's Krissy Clark joins one of those groups, where vets finally open up about the horrors they experienced.

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