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Julia Barton

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  • In Dallas, a Fight Over the Land Between the Levees

    On November 6th, voters in Dallas have a ballot question before them: Should the city build a toll-road along its river? Opponents of the toll-road say it puts the city more at risk of a catastrophic flood, and it will ruin a planned park. Supporters say that without the road, Dallas will strangle itself on traffic jams. Weekend America's Julia Barton navigates Dallas' wild river, portaging over log jams, clambering the muddy banks, whacking through head-high grass to find whether Big D is ready to embrace its soggy center.

  • Fragile Heart

    On Valentine's Day producer Julia Barton thinks about the heart as more than just a romantic symbol. She thinks of the human organ and one that can be especially frail. Her son was diagnosed with a rare heart problem. Barton brings us the story of the surgeon who gave her son a chance at life.

  • Life of a Dealer

    The Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil Showcase is underway in Tucson, Ariz., this weekend. It's the largest in the world and "rockhounds" are there from around the world. It's their chance to check out one another's wares and dish some dirt. The whole affair is stranger than you might think. Reporter Julia Barton spent a day with the people who deal in treasures of the Earth.

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