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Bill Radke

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  • To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever

    To Hate Like This...

    Will Blythe is the author of the sports memoir, "To Hate Like This Is to Be Happy Forever: A Thoroughly Obsessive, Intermittently Uplifting and Occasionally Unbiased Account of the Duke-North Carolina Basketball Rivalry." The title pretty much says it all. We hear an excerpt.

  • Primaries, Conflicts and Sexual Similarities

    The primaries, more conflicts with the government of Iran and we find our that Democrats and Republicans are similar, sexually, that is. Is all this good news, bad news or no news.

  • The Campaign Babies

    On the Campaign Trail

    Michael McNarney and Darren Garnick have both spent recent weekends dedicated to a political cause. McNarney and his wife were determined to get their baby's photo taken with all of the presidential candidates during the caucuses in Iowa. And Garnick had the same goal, only in his state of New Hampshire.

  • "Everything for Everyone," Except on the Weekends

    Scarecrow, Witch & Man

    Tamara Neff's weekend soundtrack in Baltimore is "Everything for Everyone," by Johnette Napolitano. Neff says this song reminds her to make the weekends all about herself.

  • Starting the New Year with a Dose of Fear

    Alfredo Gutierrez

    In Arizona, the start of 2008 was the start of a law that prohibits business owners from hiring illegal immigrants. A business that does so can have their license suspended. This has been making many immigrants nervous. Some have been calling in to Alfredo Gutierrez's Spanish language talk show and telling him about how the law has affected them.

  • Caucus in the House

    County Delegates

    Jim and Gracia Willis Iowa home is one of the few that still plays host to political caucuses. The Willises had a few dozen folks for the Democratic caucus at their house this year and we check in to see how it all went.

  • Caucuses, CIA's Loss and Cocaine

    This week Diana Abu-Jaber, John Ridley, Bob Mankoff talk about the caucuses, lost CIA tapes and making cocaine powerless.

  • Diver Down, Revisted

    This weekend, Las Vegas is alive with the sound of Van Halen, They have two shows at the MGM. But not everyone is happy about this reunion tour. Back in September, when the tour started, "Weekend America" reporter and Van Halen fan John Moe showed how things have changed since the 70s.

  • Revisiting the Deadly Force Tour

    Family Groove

    Last January, "Weekend America" ran a profile of the R&B cover band Groove Alliance. Their lead singer, Mike Pacheco, is an Army major. When Mike went to Baghdad for 15 months, his fellow band members joined him there to play some benefit shows. Now that Mike back with his family, he's frustrated that Americans seem to care more about "Iraq" the policy debate than about the Iraqi people.

  • Revisiting Mike Gravel

    The Long Shot

    A while back we did a story about a video called "Mike Gravel Rock". It isn't running on TV, but it's all over the internet. We see presidential candidate Mike Gravel in a park by a lake. He stares at the camera for a minute and eleven seconds in an extreme close-up, then turns, picks up a rock, throws it in the lake, and walks away. That's it. It begs for an update.

  • Fertility and Horse Death

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. This week, we have National Book Award Winner Sherman Alexie; columnist Dan Savage; and author and commentator Linda Chavez.

  • Stories about Coming Home

    Mother and Son

    Whether home is the place you grew up in or where you live today, anything can happen when families and friends gather. We talk with listeners about some of their surprising, funny and sad holiday homecomings.

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