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Bill Radke

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  • "The Heart of Saturday Night"

    At the South Pole

    When Nathan Tift of Edina, Minn., hears "The Heart of Saturday Night," by Tom Waits, he thinks of a time he was in one of the most remote and coldest places on earth: the South Pole.

  • How to Make Fun of Barack Obama

    The Real Deal

    How do you laugh at Barack Obama? Members of Chicago's Second City share some comedic advice.

  • Castro and Cancer-Causing Light

    Our panel of non-experts review the news-worthiness of this week's news. This week our panel includes Dana Gould, John Ridley and Samantha Power.

  • An Old Town Under Hollywood Lights

    Palace Theater

    Two of the Best Picture nominations, "No Country for Old Men" and "There Will be Blood," were shot in the small, southwest Texas town of Marfa. We hear from a local resident about the experience of having Hollywood invade his quiet town.

  • Spy Satellites and Claims to the Arctic

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. This week, we hear from Michael Govan, the director of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; author Susan Jacoby; and writer and actor David Rakoff.

  • A Life-Changing Letter

    Rob and Nancy

    Eleven years ago, when Rob McGinley Myers was studying abroad in Spain, he wasn't exactly a successful champion of love or romance. But all that changed one Valentine's Day with a love letter.

  • Mitt-less-ness, Zell and Nature

    Our panel, Yale literature professor Amy Hungerford, syndicated columnist Gustavo Arellano, and former NPR reporter Luke Burbank, who now hosts the Seattle radio show "Too Beautiful To Live," discuss the Mitt-less world, Sam Zell and nature.

  • "Oklahoma!" and Mr. Clean

    First Annual Sisters' Meal Out

    When Maureen McNulty Saxton of Holt, Mich., hears "Oklahoma!" she knows it's the weekend.

  • Cleaning up after a Tornado

    Picking Up the Pieces

    People from Alabama to Kentucky will be cleaning up after deadly tornadoes left 56 dead in the region. We check in with Chris Howell of Hartsville Pike Church of Christ in Tennessee.

  • How to Write a Love Letter

    Sweet Words

    Writing a good love letter is like being a good lover: you need to know when to be strong and when to be vulnerable. At least that's what Bill Shapiro recommends, and it's pretty likely he knows what he's talking about.

  • Black History: Barack Obama to Timbuktu

    University at Sankore

    Of course we'll hear about Dr. King and Malcom X, Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass during Black History Month, but of course, there's more. Dr. Lisbeth Gant-Britton, a UCLA professor, says specialty months are important to remind people that there are great people of all kinds and that diversity is the foundation upon which this country was built.

  • More on the Election

    This week it's Super Tuesday, the Super Bowl and other things super. We hear from political commentator and writer David Frum, comedy writer Dana Gould, and conceptual and performance artist damali ayo.

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