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Bill Radke

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  • Fly Like An Eagle

    This weekend, locals and tourists are braving freezing temperatures and falling snow to watch eagles in action at the Bald Eagle Festival in Haines, Alaska. The majestic birds are gathering by the thousands along the mostly frozen Chilkat River to feast on spawning salmon. It's a great show. The eagles, who mate for life, show their affection by locking talons with their lovers and dramatically free falling through the sky. We hear eagle tales from Al Batt, the emcee of the festival and a self-described bird freak.

  • At Sea

    A few weeks ago on the show, we met Tim Troy. He was the only American entered in a race, called the Velux 5, in which he would sail solo around the globe. We talked with him from his yacht in Bilbao, Spain, where the race was about to start, and he told us about the challenges he was about to face trying to sail the world alone. Bill Radke catches up with Tim Troy, on dry land, and finds out that things didn't go according to plan.

  • A Starry Reopening

    The Griffith Observatory reopens this weekend, after a five-year renovation. The Los Angeles observatory sits atop a large peak in Griffith Park. From its perch, visitors can gaze up (and down) at the stars. Bill talks about the grand reopening with Dr. Ed Krupp, the astronomer and director of the Observatory since 1974.

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