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How did your life collide with the headlines in 2007?
Iraq, the subprime crisis, Facebook, immigration, oil prices - 2007 had no shortage of hefty headlines. We'd like to hear about how these and other major news events of the past year affected you. Where did your life collide with the news in 2007?

What's your holiday performance story?
The office talent show, the neighborhood caroling posse, the school pageant ... At holiday time we often sing, dance, and dress as shepherds. Did you bloom in the warmth of your audience's adulation, or freeze up like the snowman you'd rather be building? Did your holiday performance change your life or that of someone close to you?

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Broadcast Date: January 29, 2005
Music Bridge: Start From Scratch - Artist: Galactic
CD: Crazyhorse Mongoose (Capricorn)
Listen Icon"Nine Parts of Desire"
When Heather Raffo is on stage, she's a Bedouin woman, an Iraqi girl stuck inside her house, and a woman who lost her family in the first Gulf War. She talks with Barbara Bogaev about her new play, "Nine Parts of Desire," about the lives of nine Iraqi women. Barbara asked Heather about how her characters would feel about this weekend's Iraqi election.
"9 Parts of Desire" performance info. and review

Music Bridge: Summa - Artist: Tape
CD: Opera (Hapna)
Music Picks
Classical Music Picks
Steve Smith of "Time Out New York" joins Barbara Bogaev to share his classical picks: Hayden's Keyboard Concerto in D; a hot new Mexican tenor and a new version of an old classic.
Michael's set list:
Piano Concerto in D, Hayden - Andreas Staier from the album, Concertos Pour Piano (Harmonia Mundi)
O Souverain - Rolando Villazon from the album, Gounod, Massenet - Arias (Virgin Classical)
Symphony #5, Beethoven - Minnesota Orchestra / Osmo Vänskä (conductor) Symphonies 4 and 5 (BIS)>

Listen IconNine Lives at Sundance
A cat has 9 lives, and so does Rodrigo Garcia. He directed "9 Lives," a film about the lives of nine women trapped in relationships of their own making. Bill talked with Rodrigo Garcia about the inspirations behind the film.
More about the film:
Sundance Film Festival Film Guide

Music Bridge: Biduman - Artist: Sekou Diabate
CD: Guitar Fo (World Village)
Weekend Weather
Weekend America's John Moe takes a look at weather patterns and Saturday happenings all across the country.
Weather reports:
hour 1 | hour 2

Music Bridge: Beat Connection (Disco Dub Version) - Artist: LCD Soundsystem
CD: DFA compilation #2 (DFA)
Listen IconPhilip Johnson, 20th Century Man
Sunshine, chocolate, a hug, a smile -- all these things can lift the spirit. For one man, though, it's a building, the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. It was designed by Philip Johnson, who died this week. Host Bill Radke finds out why and how a building becomes spiritual.
Online resource:
Images: The architecture of Philip Johnson
About Philip Johnson
Great Buildings Online: Philip Johnson
Crystal Cathedral

Music Bridge: Written on the Sky - Artist: Max Richter
CD: The Blue Notebooks (Fat Cat)
Listen IconState of the Union, State of a Life
When Ronald Reagan gave his State of the Union speech in 1985, he mentioned a West Point student named Jean Nguyen. Reagan called her an American hero. Host Bill Radke called Jean to find out how the speech changed her life.
Online resources:
White House Website: State of the Union

Music Bridge: Give Something Else Away Every Day - Artist: Magnolia Electric Company
CD: What Comes After The Blues (Secretly Canadian)
Poetry Game Show
Host: D. RothschildImage Iconenlarge
Listen IconPassword Poetry
When you think game show, names like "The Price Is Right," or "Jeopardy" come to mind. But have you ever heard of the Poetry Game Show? The host reads the first line of a famous poem and has people guess which poem it is. Sean Cole, a poetry fan and reporter for WBUR, checked it out.
Online resources:
Learn how to organize your own poetry game show

Music Bridge: Sister Savior (DFA Dub) - Artist: The Rapture
CD: DFA compilation #2 (DFA)
Listen IconCrime and Punishment
After a man caused a disastrous train crash in Los Angeles this week, some victims and their families hope that he receives a harsh punishment. Host Bill Radke talked with former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti about how prosecutors deal with public pressure to get the harshest sentences.

Music Bridge: No Matter - Artist: Masha Qrella
CD: Unsolved Remained (Morr Music)
Listen IconEthics in Journalism
This week, newspaper columnist and marriage researcher Maggie Gallagher admitted she was paid to advise the federal government on promoting marriage. Gallagher claims the government paid for her expertise, and the money had no bearing on her columns or talk show appearances. We hear an excerpt of Gallagher defending herself earlier in the week on WBUR's talk-show "On Point."
Online resource:
The Maggie Gallagher Controversy (WBUR)

Music Bridge: Stone - Artist: Tarwater
CD: The Needle Was Traveling (Morr Music)
Listen IconWebsite of the Week
Weekend America's tech guy Chris Spurgeon shares his favorite new website, Shashdot, "news for nerds, stuff that matters."
Online resource:
Slashdot website

Music Bridge: Miss You - Artist: To Rococo Rot
CD: Hotel Morgen (Domino)
Listen IconRoots of Rastafari
Bob Marley took the words for his song "War" from a speech that Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie made in 1963 about African independence. Marley would have turned 60 next week, and we play some clips of his song "War" and Selassie's speech in his honor.
Online resource:
Speech to the United Nations - October 4, 1963
Speech to the League of Nations - June 30, 1936

Music Bridge: War - Artist: Bob Marley
CD: Songs of Freedom (Island)
Listen IconSnowy Parking Revisited
If you dig out a parking space from the snow, how long is it yours? In the wake of last week's big storm, we talk to two people with different philosophies about how they dealt with snowy parking.
Online resource:
Snow Rage: Part I of this discussion

Music Bridge: Decompression - Artist: Tussle
CD: Kling Klang (Troubleman Unlimited)
Listen IconCounter Culture: Rachel Lelchuck
Rachel Lelchuck was a waitress at Louis' Restaurant for 55 years. She's got enough stories up her sleeve to fill an entire program, and shares her favorites with producer Candacy Taylor.
More from this series:
Ina Kapitan, Wilma Mobbs

Listen IconRestaurant Undercover
Contributer John Moe plays Sherlock Holmes and goes undercover with restaurant critic Penelope Corcoran of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Online resource:
Dining reviews by Penelope Corcoran

Music Bridge: When Did You Stop Loving Me - Artist: Jeff Parker
CD: The Relatives (Thrill Jockey)
Listen IconPoetry and Place: New England Coast
How much do you love where you live? Enough to write a poem about it? Yes, if you're Elizabeth Bishop. She wrote many poems about the Maine coast, including "At the Fishhouses." We'll hear the poem and how it compares to the life of a real lobsterman.

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As Mentioned on Weekend America
... on our December 15 broadcast:

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Weekend Weather

From the July 5 broadcast

As Mentioned on Weekend America
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