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To Shop or Not to Shop?

Krissy Clark

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Robert Reich
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More bad news for the economy this week. A much anticipated report on economic health from The Conference Board, an economic research group, was just released. It shows leading indicators like payrolls, incomes, sales and production are at their steepest declines since 1991. Meanwhile unemployment numbers held close to a 26-year high, according to the Labor Department.

Just the sorts of statistics to get you all fired up for some last minute Christmas shopping today, right? Because don't forget, every time you reach for your wallet, not only do you hold the fate of your own economic health in your hands, you also hold the fate of the nation's. This is a big, terrifying, and completely confusing responsibility. So what do you do? That's what Weekend America's Krissy Clark wanted to know.


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  • By Linda Rezny

    From St Louis, MO, 12/20/2008

    Our current economy was based on bankrupt ideas of mindless growth and spending as an end in itself, that eventually lead to actual bankruptcy.
    People should spend for things that they their friends and loved one can actually use and need. Give to charities who will see that the money is spent. This will encourage the preservation of the parts of the economy that are useful and the trimming will be of the things in the conspicuous spending category.
    The speaker and the President-elect's plan to spend on roads is not a good one. How many people will be employed working on roads? This is not 1930. Most Americans do not do manual labor outdoors. Spending on building schools may be more appropriate as you can't delay a child's education to a later date. The best kind of spending might be to help the States meet their current budgets in light of declining tax revenue. What they HAD plan on spending has already been prioritized and considered for each locality. Thoughtful spending and thoughtful giving and thoughtful saving are all better for the long term survival of the the world and its people.

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