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Benjamin Franklin came up with daylight saving time in a satirical essay he wrote over 200 years ago. Now it's a yearly ritual for most Americans. That's right "most." Not everyone falls back and springs ahead. In Arizona, what time of day it is a complex matter of geography and history. The state doesn't observe daylight savings but some of the Native American lands do. Independent producer Dan Kraker tells us how time flies in Tuba City, Ariz.

Listener Feedback

This week we emailed Weekend America'sPublic Insight Network to ask them about the unforeseen consequence of daylight saving time. Here are some of the responses we received.

If I remain unemployed, it won't matter in the least! I measure time in days, and whether I'm studying at 2am or at 3am is really immaterial

Nathaniel Bezanson
Madison Heights, MI

As a Cyclist in dreary Cleveland, it will give me more time in the evenings to exercise and enjoy the outdoors after work.

Jodie Schneider
Lakewood, OH

The novelty hasn't yet worn off here in Indiana. For many years, we were on Eastern Standard Time all year. We heard about everyone else going through the "spring up, fall down" dance. It's kind refreshing to join in the ceremony.

Kenny Nottingham
Anderson, IN

I totally dislike this dance of the hours. This is sort of like bioengineering. We get Frankenstein time. Of course, I'm a night person, and I don't care one bunion about people's early morning needs for light. Do larks care if I'd rather have light at the end of the day? Nope. Grr.

Carol-Lynn Rossel
Winthrop, ME

As a former employee at a television station daylight savings time cause confusion and increase for error in programming and resetting of all the synchronized clocks in the building.

Michael Wnuk
Spruce, MI

Why do we always try to improve on Nature? Our biological clocks are set for the natural rhythm of the earth. No wonder we are a nervous, stressed-out and embattled people.

Sandra Fackler
Bishop, CA


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