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  • Leaving My Dad's Private War Private

    Donn Keith, 1969

    Tamara Keith's father, a Vietnam veteran, has a hard time talking about the things he witnessed during the war. This Father's Day, she explains us why her family absolutely won't be discussing the war or his part in it -- because sometimes it's better to remember her dad as he is now, and not dredge up painful memories and emotions.

  • Letters: Race Relations, PTSD

    Sen. Barack Obama speaks in Florida

    We share a sampling of letters and emails from listeners reacting to recent stories heard on Weekend America on race relations and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) among older war veterans.

  • Pre-Wedding Jitters for a Gay Couple

    Some businesses look forward to gay marriage

    The civil ceremony performers who make all those marriages legit are the true unsung heroes of June. And for at least one of those civil servants in Northern California, the diagnosis this weekend is exhaustion and the slightest case of something he never really thought he'd have -- his own pre-wedding jitters...

  • Figuring Out Beauty for Herself

    Susan Davis today

    My daughter turns 16 months old today. The older she gets, the more people comment on her looks. And so it begins: a lifetime of the world telling her what she looks like. I'm sure someone's going to think she's pretty and no doubt someone will find her ugly -- or at least, not right-looking. And I wonder how she's going to react to these appraisals.

  • America's Weekend on Flickr

    Paul the Turtle

    Behind every great photo is a great story. We spoke to two people who've taken some of our favorite photos and posted them on Flickr.com, and asked them for the stories behind them.

  • Rocking Out in the War Zone

    Acrassicauda perform in Baghdad, 2005

    "Heavy Metal in Baghdad" is now playing in selected cities. It's a documentary about two New York filmmakers who go to Iraq in search of the metal band Acrassiacauda. It's about the band trying to stay together as musicians while surviving a war. We talk to the band's drummer and the film director.

  • Hillary's Adios, Post-Rapture Email

    Our non-experts weigh in on some of the biggest and oddest headlines of the past week: relationship advice columnist Dan Savage; John Ridley, author and blogger for the "Visible Man" blog at NPR.org; and conservative writer and commentator Nancy French, author of "A Red State of Mind."

  • Hacking NYC's Not-So-Mean Streets

    Melissa Plaut begins her Saturday night shift

    For a lot of New York City cab drivers, weekends mean long hours behind the wheel, shuttling creatures of the night from one party spot to another. Cab driver Melissa Plaut takes us behind the wheel as she shuttles people across the five boroughs.

  • Summer Travel: A Farm Sanctuary

    An idyllic setting for a sanctuary farm

    For some people, baling hay or feeding chickens is work. But for others, it's a vacation. It's fun. If you're one of those folks, there's a farm in Woodstock, N.Y., you would love. But this isn't your typical farm -- don't expect fresh bacon in the morning. This is a sanctuary where farm animals can just be animals.

  • Knowing When to Give Up

    Alexander Thompson self-portrait with film camera

    Hillary Clinton plans to announce Saturday her support for Barack Obama's candidacy, ending her bid to become president. Here's some stories from our listeners about a time in their lives when they were so dedicated to something that people around them wondered if and when they would quit.

  • Eat Well, Pay What You Can

    Brad Birky with happy SAME customers

    Brad and Libby Birky's restaurant in Denver, the SAME Cafe (for So All May Eat) does things a little differently. When it comes time to pay for a meal, patrons can pay what they want, or what they can. And if you can't pay, you can volunteer your time. Their theory is that everyone deserves decent, healthy food.

  • "Be Prepared" as a Call to Arms

    Arizona and Jonathan Goldstein

    All summer long we're commemorating, re-creating, or otherwise bringing to you odes to the longest, best weekend of all -- the summer vacation. We start the series with the story of how the Boy Scout motto helped Jonathan Goldstein indulge his daughter's outdoor yearnings.

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