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  • Japanese-American 'No No Boys'

    A patriotic suspect

    During World War II, Japanese Americans put into internment camps were given a questionnaire. How they answered those questions would determine their quality of life behind the fences -- and the answers to two questions in particular about military service changed the lives of the so-called "No No Boys."

  • DINKs vs. Breeders

    Our panel of non-experts tackle the top issues of the past week: John Ridley, author of the "Visible Man" blog at NPR.org; Yale University professor Amy Hungerford; and Jesse Thorn, host of public radio's "The Sound of Young America."

  • The Squirrelman's Rolling Home

    David Csaky and his new home

    David Csaky is unemployed and homeless. He works odd jobs, sometimes during the week, sometimes on the weekend... whenever he can get it. This weekend, David is caring for rescued animals at a ranch in Washington state. Jenny Asarnow brings us his story.

  • A Native American Take on Independence

    Michelle Singer and Bruce Babbitt, July 4, 1998

    This weekend, we celebrate our nation's 232nd birthday. But it's not a celebration for everybody, especially for many of the Indian tribes who lived here long before the Founding Fathers got here. So how is the Fourth of July handled on sovereign Indian lands? Weekend America's Krissy Clark spoke with some tribal members to find out.

  • Santana's "Aquamarine"

    James "Dewey" Dewhurst

    James "Dewey" Dewhurst is a former National Guardsman from Louisiana. He is now a private contractor stationed in Afghanistan, working 11 miles from the Pakistani border. Dewhurst's Weekend Soundtrack is "Aquamarine" by Carlos Santana, which he found while on R-and-R leave in Negril, Jamaica.

  • You Can't be Happy All the Time

    Eric Wilson

    Weekend America co-host Bill Radke's daughter Susanna turns 17 months old this weekend, and he's questioning his own need to see her smile all the time. Sometimes a little sadness and anguish can be good for the soul -- as long as that dark guest in your head knows when to leave...

  • Painting the Air with Flights of Fancy

    Born to fly

    On the beach in Santa Monica, a 97-year-old man delights his many friends -- plus makes new ones -- with his fanciful menagerie of kites. Tyrus Wong once painted backgrounds for classic Disney films. Now he paints the air with paper swallows, pandas and centipedes.

  • Drive, Daddy, Drive

    Papa's got a brand new car

    Many people in the United States have fond memories of summer road-trip vacations, and our Desiree Cooper is no different. But the specter of racism colors some of her most treasured family memories.

  • Summer Travel: Rainbow Family Reunion

    Gathering in Colorado, 2004

    This week marks the 30th anniversary of the Gathering of the Tribes, the annual migration of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. It sounds like a hippie happening, and it is. More than 20,000 come together first week of July, and the Fourth of July is their day of prayer, a prayer for peace.

  • No Crying in Court, Swift Boat Sinks

    Our panel of non-experts suss out the most controversial headlines of the past week: Author and conservative commentator Nancy French; comedian Dana Gould; and Stacey Grenrock Woods, former "Daily Show" correspondent and sex advice columnist for Esquire magazine.

  • A Lightning Strike Miracle in Maine

    Lightning dances over a city

    Lightning strikes have sparked hundreds of fires in bone-dry California. But not all lightning is destructive -- take the case of Edwin Robinson, who was struck by a bolt in Maine and suddenly regained his sight and hearing, and even started growing hair on his bald head.

  • Letters: Horse Commuter, Rhinoplasty Responses

    Portrait of the artist as a young woman

    We received a lot of letters regarding last week's feature on a man who took to commuting by horse to protest high gas prices. And we're still getting letters about Bill Radke's interview with a woman who had a nose job that changed her life.

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