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Hour 1

Hour 1

  • Saturday to Saturday

    Southern Californians forced to evacuate because of wildfires are returning to their homes this weekend, or what's left of their homes. We asked evacuees John Vogel and Rick LeMonde what it was like to go through this: picking out the most precious belongings, leaving home with the thought that it might be the last time, and what it's like to return.

  • Devil Winds?

    Often referred to as the Santana winds, or "devil winds," the Santa Ana winds are legendary for causing problems, even for the pioneers. Along with fueling the recent fires, they have been blamed for increased crime rates, marital disputes and bad grades. We'll explore the cultural representations and meteorological origins of the Santa Ana winds with writers Janet Fitch, John Ridley and UCLA professor Robert Fovell.

  • Music Bridge:
    Halcyon (Beautiful Days)
    Artist: Mono
    CD: Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined (Temporary Residence)
  • Immigration: One Thing

    From Iraq to Detroit

    Moving Pictures

    The Augustin family fled Iraq and now they live in Detroit. Producers Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler talk with them about the one thing they managed to hold on to: their home movies.

  • Music Bridge:
    Chaos Breeds
    Artist: Burnt Friedman
    CD: First Night Forever (Nonplace)
  • Sustainability

    Buy a Gun, Get Inner Peace for Free

    The first firearm Eric bought was a Ruger MK II pistol. It changed his life. According to Eric, owning the gun has made him think long and hard about the responsibility. And believe it or not, owning a firearm has brought calm to his life. Shooting at the range helps him take a step back from his hectic life and breathe deeply -- it's almost Zen.

  • Music Bridge:
    Precious Blood
    Artist: Early Day Miners
    CD: All Harm Ends (Secretly Canadian)
  • Ten Tales of Terror

    In celebration of Halloween, we decided to challenge six writers, ranging from graphic novelist Neil Gaiman to gothic writer, M. Rickert; and a couple of your favorite Weekend America personalities to write a tale of terror, something to leave you paralyzed. Don't be scared -- hosts Bill Radke and Desiree Cooper will be with you the entire time.

  • Music Bridge:
    Keep Your Distance
    Artist: Amon Tobin
    CD: Foley Room (Ninja Tune)
  • Music Bridge:
    Long Lost Engine
    Artist: Tape
    CD: Rideau (Hapna)
  • The Great Escape

    Paul Szauter never set out to be an escape artist. For years he worked as a magician, but he grew tired of deceiving his audiences. So he turned to locks, chains and straitjackets. The central message of escape is that even the most daunting obstacles can be overcome. Szauter learned this lesson from his father, who narrowly escaped Communist-dominated Hungary after World War Two. Josh Gleason brings us his story.

  • Music Bridge:
    Artist: Swod
    CD: Sekunden (City Centre)
  • World Series Singer

    Game 3 of the World Series is tonight and it will begin with one of baseball's most time-honored tradition--the National Anthem. Weekend America wondered how you get that gig, especially if you're not already famous? Back in the '80s, Paul Boocock found a way. He discovered that the owner of the Yankees, George Steinbrenner, was an alumnus of Williams College, the school he was attending. He simply wrote Steinbrenner a letter and everything fell into place. Well, sort of.

Hour 2

Hour 2

  • Elephants in Cleveland

    Ohio is the original "bellwether" state. For the past two elections, the state has been an election battleground and is noted for voting with every winning Presidential candidate since 1960, whether Democrat or Republican. During election season, Weekend America will visit communities in Ohio, starting with Cleveland this Saturday. Cleveland is usually a slam-dunk for Democrats, especially on the east side. But reporter Mhari Saito found a few lonely Republicans in Cleveland and asked then what they're looking for in a president.

  • Music Bridge:
    Return From Byzantium
    Artist: Voice of the Seven Woods
    CD: Voice of the Seven Woods (Twisted Nerve)
  • Halloween's Homosexual Tendencies

    In some cities Halloween is so risque that parents don't bring their small children to the parades. For many, Halloween is the high holiday of masquerade, gender-bending and dress-up. In the gay communities of New York and San Francisco, Halloween is now a week-long event, and the rest of America is soon to follow. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with University of Florida researcher Jack Kugelmass about how gay culture is transforming Halloween.

  • Music Bridge:
    My Name is Johnny Hawk
    Artist: Global Goon
    CD: Family Glue (Audio Dregs)
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Good News, Bad News, No News

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. This week, we hear from writer and comedian Dana Gould, contributor to "The Simpsons"; Dan Savage, author of the column "Savage Love"; and conceptual and performance artist, damali ayo.

  • Music Bridge:
    Ja Fun Mi (Instrumental)
    Artist: King Sunny Ade & His African Beats
    CD: Nigeria 70's (Strut)
  • Fall, Football and Chili

    When Eric Marty of Omaha, Neb., was a kid, his father took him to a football game. This wouldn't normally be exceptional, except for the fact that his father was a surgeon who thought football was far too dangerous a sport to play. Futhermore, as a surgeon, he didn't often have time to take his son many places. Eric recounts his memories of that day at the game and of the cherished one-on-one with his dad.

  • Music Bridge:
    Nothing Owed
    Artist: Bonobo
    CD: Dial "M" for Monkey (Ninja Tune)
  • Terror Behind the Walls

    It's hard to truly be scared in a haunted house. Fake blood, peeled grapes, a smoke machine--it's just too easy to see through. But this weekend there's a haunted house in Philadelphia that might break the mold. Eastern State Penitentiary, where solitary confinement was invented, closed in 1971 and is now a museum. And for six weekends a year, it turns into a haunted house overrun by possessed inmates and guards. Reporter Hillary Frank wondered what's more scary: the haunted house, or the prison's real history?

  • Music Bridge:
    Leaf and Rock
    Artist: Arve Hendriksen
    CD: Strjon (Rune Grammofon)
  • The Sound of Horror

    Horror movie music is more than just high strings and stabs of brass. It's an active participant in the terror experience and it's meant to scare you just as much as any alien, demon or hockey player. Let's face it: everyone knows when Michael Meyers is going to strike or when Freddie Krueger is going invade a dream just by listening to the music. Weekend America host Bill Radke speaks with Harry Manfredini, composer of a slew of horror hits, including the classic theme to "Friday the 13th," about what its like to compose the soundtrack to terror.

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