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Hour 1

Hour 1

  • Evolving Immigration in Beardstown

    The small town of Beardstown, Ill., has become a flashpoint in the country's immigration debate. The town's sizable pork-processing plant goes through 16,000 hogs a day and is staffed overwhelmingly by immigrants. But that doesn't make the immigrants welcomed. The town's mayor recently told Time Magazine that if he could run all of Beardstown's immigrants back to Mexico on donkeys, voters would cheer him on. Weekend America's Kelly McEvers went to Beardstown and asked folks what they thought of immigration in their town.

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    A Spire
    Artist: Tape
    CD: Rideau (Hapna)
  • The Songs of this Summer

    It's blasting out of every other car window. It's playing at the yogurt shop. Your little sister has it on repeat. It's The Song of the Summer, the one that's playing everywhere and practically defines the summer. Weekend America's Kara Oehler and Ann Heppermann asked three of our favorite DJs--WFMU's Liz Berg, CMJ Music Editor Kenny Rose, XXL Music Editor Leah Rose--to give us their predictions for this summer's song.

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    The Underdog
    Artist: Spoon
    CD: Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (Merge)
  • Weekend Soundtrack

    Weekend Soundtrack: Face

    There's often that one song that reminds us of the weekend. We've asked our listeners what song rings in their Saturdays and Sundays and we share their stories with you. This week John Duffy, who listens to our show in Elizabethtown, Penn., shares his soundtrack to the weekend.

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    Coming Home
    Artist: Takeshi Nishimoto
    CD: Monologue (Buro)
  • The Luckiest Day... Ever

    In 1980 Edwin E. Robinson was struck by lightning in his yard. At the time he was blind, partially deaf and bald. After being struck, he acquired his vision and hearing back, and started to regrow hair as well. And it wasn't even 7/7/07. In honor of this week's unusually auspicious date, we'll bring you stories of really good fortune, like the woman who won a million dollars in the lottery, twice.

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    Artist: Bob Dylan
    CD: Self Portrait (Columbia)
  • The Human Sudoku Puzzle

    In the world of robotics, the term "swarm" describes the way a group of robots can solve a problem together. By using humans in a game of Sudoku, scientists at John Carroll University outside of Cleveland, Ohio are trying to understand more about how groups can solve problems. WCPN's Mhari Saito signed herself up for the experiment and shares the experience with Weekend America.

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    Serbian CC'cek
    Artist: A Hawk And A Hacksaw
    CD: A Hawk and a Hacksaw & The Hun Hangar Ensemble [LIMITED EDITION] (Leaf)
  • The Real Shelbyville?

    If you're a fan of the animated series "The Simpsons," you know the town of Springfield. But do you know exactly where it is? There's been a national contest to find the right Springfield so the new feature film of "The Simpsons" can premiere there. But what about their neighbor town Shelbyville? Weekend America's Sean Cole set out to find Springfield's twin city.

Hour 2

Hour 2

  • Music Pollution

    It's not totally obvious, but big concerts put a lot of stress on the environment: the trucks, the trash, the electricity. This weekend is Live Earth: concerts on seven continents all aimed at saving the environment. The concerts are trying to be environmentally neutral, but is it possible for the music business to do that?

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    Artist: RATATAT
    CD: Classics (XL)
  • The President's Childhood, Preserved for History

    This week President George W. Bush celebrated his 61st birthday in Washington, DC with his family. The President may call DC his home, but his hometown of Midland, Texas, is still a hub of nostalgia for the Bushes. Independent Producer Kyle Gassiott takes Weekend America deep into Bush territory, as the family home now becomes a museum.

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    O Kentucky
    Artist: Papa M
    CD: Three Songs
  • Good News, Bad News, No News

    Good News, Bad News, No News

    Our panel of non-experts review the week's events in a parlor game to gauge what kind of week America had. This week we have John Ridley, the author of "The American Way," Nancy French, the author of "A Red State of Mind," and Gustavo Arellano, who writes the nationally syndicated "Ask a Mexican" newspaper column.

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    Time to Go
    Artist: Michio Kurihara
    CD: Sunset Notes (Ba Da Bing)
  • Check in with Talent Quest

    Public Radio Talent Quest began their search for the next public radio host in April, and Weekend America has been keeping you updated. Round Two is about to come to a close, and the final 10 will soon dwindle to seven. Talent Quest is asking for your to vote as we recap the competition so far.

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    Last Words
    Artist: 23 Skidoo
    CD: The Gospel Comes to New Guinea (Ronin)
  • Nostalgia for Nature

    Weekend America asked listeners to send their memories of nature as kids, and we got tons of responses. Turns out kids and nature really do get along! Sandor Junkus wrote to us about the lakes of Wisconsin he visited in his childhood, and shares an exercise in "tuning in with nature."

  • Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere

    Writer and professor Debra Marquart longs for the fields where she grew up. She shares her memories with a reading from her memoir, "The Horizontal World: Growing Up Wild in the Middle of Nowhere."

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    You Don't Know Me
    Artist: Apparat
    CD: Walls (Shitkatapult)
  • The Life and Times of Lee Hazlewood

    You may recall the pop hit "These Boots Were Made For Walkin'," written by music producer and songwriter Lee Hazlewood. Hazlewood helped shape popular music. He's dying of kidney cancer, and this weekend he's preparing for his final birthday party in Las Vegas. Reporter Michael May went to visit Hazlewood in Sin City and shares his story with Weekend America.

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    Artist: Lee Hazlewood
    CD: Cake or Death (Ever)

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