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  • Signs of Spring

    A sure sign of spring -- cherry blossoms in bloom.

    This weekend, the signs of spring are everywhere. We celebrate the arrival of the season with three stories of how folks say farewell to winter and embrace the Northern Hemisphere's return to the sun.

  • From Iraq to Detroit

    Moving Pictures

    The Augustin family fled Iraq and now they live in Detroit. Producers Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler talk with them about the one thing they managed to hold on to: their home movies.

  • The Pitbull Princesses


    This week we're launching a new series called The Weekend Shift, where we take a look at the people who work while the rest of us relax. Today, we profile a fashion photographer who takes glamour shots of pit bulls.

  • On 5th Anniversary of Iraq War, Memories of the Occupation

    Autograph Accomplished

    Next week marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Reporter Krissy Clark talks to some people to learn how how things have changed here at home since the war began.

  • Fishing for River Smelt as Winter Comes to a Close in Maine

    Bucket o' Smelt

    Steve Leighton operates 10 fish shacks on a frozen lake in Bowdoinham, Maine, where locals come to hang out, catch up, drink beer -- and sometimes, even catch a fish or two.

  • Memories of the First MP3 Player

    World's First MP3 Player.

    Ten years ago this month, the first MP3 player was introduced. For the first time people could carry around digital copies of their music. Wired Magazine tech writer Eliot Van Buskirk reminisces about the first time he saw the MPMan and how it influenced his entire life.

  • Prostitutes, Feng Shui and Pink Pooches

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news. This week, comedian Dana Gould, "New Yorker" cartoon editor Bob Mankoff and commentator and political consultant Tara Setmayer talk about former Gov. Spitzer's prostitute problem, Geraldine Ferraro's comments about Barack Obama, feng shui at McDonald's and the legality of dyeing your pooch pink.

  • The Fallacy of a 'Gross Happiness Index'

    Smiling Patriot

    As reports of a slowing economy continue, Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) held a hearing about whether traditional economic measures really capture our national sense of well-being and whether the government should be tracking non-economic indicators. Can happiness be quantified? We talk to Darrin McMahon, author of the book "Happiness: A History."

  • Do Overs: Love, Marriage, Jazz and a little Spanish

    Linda Burnham and Steve Durland in New York, 1981

    There's do-overs a plenty in the news, politics and sports. We asked you, our listeners, if you had the chance to do something over again, what would it be? You told us all about your do-overs and your wishes for a second chance.

  • Clash of the Holidays

    St. Patrick's Day parade reveler

    John O'Grady has been a part of the annual St. Patrick's Day parade in Columbus, Ohio, since he was a teenager. But this year, the holiday falls on the same week as the Easter Holy Week. So this year, O'Grady, a devout Catholic, has decided to sit it out.

  • Fences and Mohawks

    Our panel of non-experts reviews this week's most salient news. This week we hear from author and Harvard psychology professor Steven Pinker, Yale literature professor Amy Hungerford, and journalist James Lileks, author of the blog, the Daily Bleat.

  • Washington to Alaska: Stopping Off in Anchorage

    Erin and Knik Arm

    Erin McKittrick and her husband Bretwood "Hig" Higman have been walking, rowing and skiing north from Seattle for eight months now--since last June. They are headed for Unimack Island, Alaska, and when they get there they will have walked 4,000 miles. All to bring awareness to environmental issues. They check in with Weekend America.

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