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  • From Golf Hustler to PGA Pro

    Pro golfer Alton Duhon

    Al Duhon started out as a golf hustler in South Los Angeles and was making money playing golf before the first black player broke the PGA race barrier. At 83, he still teaches kids about the game that has him hooked.

  • Tales for Tax Time

    Mark Johanson and his wife Lenora, $12,247 richer!

    Whether you're filing this weekend or you finished two months ago, take a break from your deducting or your gloating to enjoy some of this year's best tax stories from our listeners.

  • Let's Play San Francisco Hide-a-Torch!

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- Yale literature professor Amy Hungerford, Simon Doonan, author and creative director of Barneys New York, and writer John Ridley, who has an NPR blog called "Visible Man."

  • Homesick for Her Heartland

    Rodeo days

    We asked our listeners to share their memories of spring. Sherry Connot from Nebraska wrote us about her freshman year in college, when she was homesick for her family's ranch. A song about springtime brought all those feelings bubbling up one day....

  • Letters: The Box Dad Left for Me

    'Your Neat'

    Last week, we brought a story about moving and what that means for the fate of our emotional baggage. Nicole Rabaud talks about the stacks of documents relating to her parent's divorce.

  • How Do You Know It's Spring?

    Class is in session

    We asked members of Jane Streelman's kindergarten class to tell us how they know when spring has arrived. They gave us answers in pictures and in words.

  • Surreal Comforts of Home in Iraq

    Inside Camp Anaconda

    Navy Petty Officer Leonard Neely describes his experience in Iraq -- 14 months of being confined to a huge Army base, dodging mortars. Coming home to a "normal" life, he says the transition wasn't what he expected.

  • I Know My Team Needs Me

    Super-fan Cunningham

    March is a great month for sports fans: opening day for baseball, the Sweet Sixteen and NCAA hockey playoffs. That's enough to keep sports nuts screaming all weekend. Not all of the cheering they do is done publicly, however -- many die-hard fans have sacred rituals they perform to ensure their favorite team's success.

  • A Wedding to One's Own

    With this ring, I me wed

    Host Desiree Cooper's daughter, Rae, is preparing for high school graduation, a major step towards becoming an independent woman. Cooper tries to convince Rae to "marry herself" -- a unique ceremony where a woman vows to love and cherish her own identity.

  • Real-Life Fish Tales

    The Day Nearly Everyone Died with Buddy Holly

    It happens all the time: people exaggerate the details of a story, remember something wrong, embellish for dramatic flair, and just accidentally misstate something. It happened to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her "sniper fire" fib. We take a look at some more everyday real-life fish tales...

  • King Kong Covers, Young Gun Runners

    LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen on cover of Vogue

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- former SNL writer and current New Yorker contributor Patricia Marx, talk radio crazy man (and former NPR reporter and host) Luke Burbank, along with essayist, journalist, and actor David Rakoff.

  • Moving My Emotional Baggage

    Apparently I invited someone on a picnic.

    Weekend America Sr. Reporter John Moe recently moved from Seattle to St. Paul, Minn. -- and that meant going through everything he owned and deciding what to keep and what to throw out. This is the first in a series of stories called Moving Day, all about the sometimes thorny, sometimes emotional issues that go along with making a big move.

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