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  • Wacky Wedding Stories

    A day to make a girl cry

    Wedding season is upon us, and we asked listeners for their amusing and/or painful stories of weddings gone wrong. This weekend, we share some of your many responses -- including Brooke Williams' battle to have a picture-perfect Martha Stewart wedding, even if she had to battle the queen of domesticity herself.

  • Overnight Walk Out of the Darkness

    Out of the Darkness walk, NYC

    This weekend in Seattle, Wash., 1,100 people are walking 20 miles through the night -- starting at 7 p.m. and hopefully finishing by dawn -- to raise both money and awareness about the problem of suicide and depression. Two weeks ago, a similar event was held in New York City, and Weekend America contributor Amy O'Leary was there.

  • Summer Travel: An Urban Park Stroll

    Once a nature-phobe...

    Summer is the traditional time for most folks to "get back to nature." But for some, the idea of heading into the great outdoors is a nightmare. For example, Natalie Edwards. We're calling Natalie's summer trip a "nature intervention." For her, the biggest challenge was taking a evening stroll through Prospect Park, in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Obama's Cash Campaign, TV Hurls

    Our non-experts tackle the weighty issues of the past week -- Fashion maven Damali Ayo; Luke Burbank, host of the talk radio show "Too Beautiful to Live"; and "New Yorker" cartoonist Bob Mankoff.

  • Life's Experiences and Entertainment

    Mike Myers and Verne Troyer in "The Love Guru"

    Summer movie season is in full swing and it's just a matter of picking out what you want to see -- or don't want to see. M. Night Shyamalan's thriller "The Happening" opened last weekend. This weekend features Mike Myers' comedy "The Love Guru." But Weekend America's John Moe won't be attending either one.

  • Giving Your Cat a Bath

    Peter Shankman and his cat Karma

    It's allegy season, and trees and weeds aren't the only culprits -- furry pets like dogs and cats really up the ante when they begin to shed their coats in warm weather. But cat owners Jonathan Mitchell and Peter Shankman think they've found a way to cope with allergies. Sally Herships stands well back while they try to give their cats a bath.

  • Wild Kabul Nights for Civilian Security

    Private security contractor trains Afghans

    There are an estimated 30,000 private security contractors providing security in Afghanistan. Aid workers and even U.S. Embassy personnel depend on the private guards for their safety. With tensions escalating and the Taliban on the offensive, how do these private contractors chill out? We sent reporter Gregory Warner to find out.

  • A Father's Day Gift of Letters

    Dick Weiss with his three daughters

    Father's Day is a time for phone calls -- but for one family, it's been all about the written letter. As a way to keep in touch with his daughters, Dick Weiss made a proposal: Each month, he would give them a topic. They'd write a letter to him on that topic. He'd write back. We talk to the family about their old-fashioned correspondence.

  • Summer Travel: Authentic Pt. Reyes

    Oldest barn on the former Giacomini Dairy Ranch

    Maintaining authenticity is hard once a place becomes a tourist destination. Weekend America's Krissy Clark recently visited Point Reyes Station, an old ranch town about an hour north of San Francisco where deciding what does and doesn't require preservation has raised some debate. This is our latest installment of a series of stories on summer travel.

  • My NBA Bond with My Father

    Millie Jefferson and her dad, basketball fanatics

    Weekend America producer Millie Jefferson and her dad are big Lakers fans. But they're not looking forward to what could be the last game of the NBA Finals. In fact, for them, playoff time is a big downer, because it means a long, hot summer without the main thing that bonds this father-daughter team.

  • Those Summer Song 'Ear Worms'

    Psychologist and author Dan Levitin

    It's summer, and that means that elusive summer song is about to make its way into your brain and take up residence. Do you remember songs from your past summers? And why can't you get them out of your head? Psychologist and author Dan Levitin explains how those "ear worm" songs actually stay on your mind, even if you don't want them to...

  • Gitmo Habeus, One Hard-Core Judge

    Our panel of non-experts tackle the weighty issues of the week: Conservative commentator Tara Setmayer; comedian and writer Dana Gould; and author John Ridley, who writes the "Visible Man" blog for NPR.org.

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