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  • The Modern Brady Bunch

    Six kids in a bed.

    "Individualism is great but at the same time, it consumes a tremendous amount of resources. We all understand the value of having our own car, but when gas is costing $4.50-$4.60 per gallon and likely to go up, people have an incentive to rethink some of these ideas."

  • "Ma 'Tit Fille"

    Holly Maddox at a zydeco dance

    Get your feet moving to "Ma 'Tit Fille" by Buckwheat Zydeco!

  • The End of the Road

    Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman finally arrive

    Last year, Erin McKittrick and Bretwood (Hig) Higman started walking. They were a young couple, a biologist and a geologist who had decided to walk, raft and ski--mostly walk--from Seattle through Canada, through Alaska, all the way to the Aleutian Islands. This week, they arrived!

  • How to Cook a Wolf

    Not wolf stew, but rather homemade gaspacho.

    As the economy slows, food prices rise, and more families are turning to food stamps and food banks to get by. It's enough to make the whole eating thing an anxiety-ridden affair. But solace might be found in an old book.

  • Seeking R and R in Qatar

    Four soldiers in Qatar

    In the old days, U.S. soldiers stationed abroad would be let loose for a few days to let off steam. But that's not the case right now in Middle Eastern combat zones. Not only does the U.S. military completely prohibit alcohol, but soldiers never leave their base for fun because they could be targeted anywhere.

  • Living in Superman's House

    Super House

    It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman's house. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the superhero's comic debut, and fans are flocking to the Cleveland house where Jerry Siegel created the Man of Steel.

  • Satirical Overkill?

    Covering Controversy

    Do you agree with our panel of experts on what was good, bad and no news this week?

  • A Bake Sale Behind Bars

    Inmate Bernard Moss holds the line at the gate.

    No one goes to prison for the food. But there's an exception to the drab cafeteria stuff usually served up. They're called Saturday food sales. On these days, inmates raise money for programs by selling restaurant food to fellow prisoners--like a bake sale behind bars.

  • Letters: Kites, Narcs Gone Bad

    Centipede kite

    We love letters from our lovely listeners. Some of you praised us, others chastised us for the stories we broadcast. At least one story - on the "Turncoat Narc" - inspired a spirited debate amongst listeners. If something we broadcast touched you, angered you, saddened or inspired you, let us know. You can read more listener responses here.

  • From Refugee Camp to Austin Apartment

    A new home in Texas

    For our continuing series "First Weekend Home," reporter Tori Marlan brings the story of a family of refugees from Myanmar (formerly Burma) spending their first weekend in a place they hope will one day feel like home: Austin, Texas. But just getting used to common things -- light switches, supermarkets and beds -- is a challenge.

  • Our Very Own Sea Monster

    Fact? Or fiction?

    There's a farmer's market today in Lake City, Minn., on the shores of Lake Pepin, a popular getaway spot for folks from Wisconsin and Minnesota. People will buy produce, socialize, hang out... Some might be staring really hard at the water, looking for a ripple, maybe a fin, perhaps a monstrous slimy head.

  • Dubious Honor for a Departing Bush

    Brian McConnell, left, and Michael Jacinto

    In San Francisco this weekend, a group of activists will be gathering signatures for a special ballot initiative to rename a sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush. They've gotten enough signatures to put the initiative on the bill and if it passes, the official re-naming ceremony will take place on Inauguration Day.

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