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  • The Campaign Babies

    On the Campaign Trail

    Michael McNarney and Darren Garnick have both spent recent weekends dedicated to a political cause. McNarney and his wife were determined to get their baby's photo taken with all of the presidential candidates during the caucuses in Iowa. And Garnick had the same goal, only in his state of New Hampshire.

  • Women's New Roles in War

    Marine In Training

    The conflict in Iraq is different from any other for many women in the military. Women are dying in greater numbers, but also facing more difficulties in military life, including sexual harassment. Weekend America host Desiree Cooper gets an update.

  • A Return Home from a Gray War


    Army Specialist Andrea Gillingham didn't see any combat in Iraq. In fact, she never left her base. She talks with Weekend America's Michael May about the dullness of military life as they hang out in a karaoke bar in Killeen, Texas.

  • Making Change in 2008

    "Rally for Change"

    "Change" is the buzzword for presidential candidates this year, almost to absurdity. In the past there was "normalcy." The words "liberal" and "conservative" were considered buzzwords at one time too. University of Kentucky history professor Tracy Campbell unpacks the American electorate's love affair with campaign buzzwords.

  • First Time Politicos

    Ready for Take-off

    The 2008 presidential elections are drawing more Americans into politics for the first time. We hear from listeners who are registering to vote or joining campaigns for the first time, and ask them why they had to get involved.

  • From Sudan to Omaha

    A Treasured Family Photo

    In Sudan, Malakal Goak worked with an international relief organization, but as the civil war spread, officials in the north accused him of supporting rebels and put him in jail. After escaping and living as a refugee in Kenya, he ended up in Omaha. The one thing Goak brought with him was a love song that his father composed.

  • Caucus in the House

    County Delegates

    Jim and Gracia Willis Iowa home is one of the few that still plays host to political caucuses. The Willises had a few dozen folks for the Democratic caucus at their house this year and we check in to see how it all went.

  • Too Much Army, Too Much Home

    Last week listeners thought we had too much army, and too much home sweet home on the show.

  • Caucuses, CIA's Loss and Cocaine

    This week Diana Abu-Jaber, John Ridley, Bob Mankoff talk about the caucuses, lost CIA tapes and making cocaine powerless.

  • Inside the Minds of Single-Issue Voters

    Supporters of presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee

    Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Martin White, a single-issue voter in Iowa; and Ed Sarpolus of Michigan State about how single-issues can backfire on candidates.

  • Revisiting the Deadly Force Tour

    Family Groove

    Last January, "Weekend America" ran a profile of the R&B cover band Groove Alliance. Their lead singer, Mike Pacheco, is an Army major. When Mike went to Baghdad for 15 months, his fellow band members joined him there to play some benefit shows. Now that Mike back with his family, he's frustrated that Americans seem to care more about "Iraq" the policy debate than about the Iraqi people.

  • Revisiting Mike Gravel

    The Long Shot

    A while back we did a story about a video called "Mike Gravel Rock". It isn't running on TV, but it's all over the internet. We see presidential candidate Mike Gravel in a park by a lake. He stares at the camera for a minute and eleven seconds in an extreme close-up, then turns, picks up a rock, throws it in the lake, and walks away. That's it. It begs for an update.

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