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  • Electro Pop Election

    Hearts of Palm UK

    What does Super Tuesday sound like when it goes electro pop? Like this!

  • A Sleep Deprived Election Season

    Sleeping Rally

    This year's presidential candidates are criss-crossing the country daily, often on only a few hours of sleep a night. What exactly happens to the brain after months of sleep deprivation? To answer that, Weekend America host Desiree Cooper speaks with Matt Walker, director of the Sleep and Neuro-imaging Lab at the University of Calif. at Berkeley.

  • Yelling and Screaming

    This week's panelists discuss a stimulus package, the fight between the Clintons and Obama and a very angry voicemail message.

  • Race versus Gender in 2008

    The Double Bind

    Are black women voters really torn between Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, as a matter of race and gender? Weekend America host Desiree Cooper weighs in.

  • Back to the Paper Age in Ohio

    The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections seal.

    Poll workers in Ohio's Cuyahoga County, which includes Cleveland, are learning about a new voting system. And it's actually just like the old system. In late December, Ohio's Secretary of State cast a tie-breaking vote to scrap their three-year-old electronic voting machines and go back to paper ballots. And it's a move more parts of the country are considering.

  • Democrats Abroad Cast a Vote

    Meredith Gowan LeGoff

    Presidential campaigns are pulling all-nighters in South Carolina and Florida, as well as in Sweden, Hong Kong and Madagascar. American Democrats living abroad will be voting next month by mail, fax, in polling places and -- for the first time -- over the Internet.

  • Nevada Caucuses for the West

    Mountains rise behind Colorado City, Ariz.

    Nevada has moved its caucus up earlier than its ever been in hopes that it will force presidential hopefuls to pay attention to issues that matter to the West. Host Bill Radke speaks with Larry Swanson, director of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West about what the Nevada's new position on the 2008 election season calendar means.

  • One Thing: A Chat With the Producers

    From Sudan to Omaha

    Producers Ann Hepermann and Kara Oehler found so many compelling stories of refugees and the special thing they brought with them, that they couldn't fit them all into the One Thing Series. They share some of stories and special moments with host Bill Radke.

  • All's Fair in Campaigning and Politics

    Rod Shealy, Sr.

    Political consultant Rod Shealy is a S.C. native who has seen and caused his fair share of political drama. He is usually very busy around this time, but as Republicans cast their vote in the 2008 S.C. primary, he'll just sit back and watch. He's not working for any presidential candidates this time around. Guest host John Moe talks with Shealy about his state's reputation for mudslinging during election time.

  • Primaries, Conflicts and Sexual Similarities

    The primaries, more conflicts with the government of Iran and we find our that Democrats and Republicans are similar, sexually, that is. Is all this good news, bad news or no news.

  • Was it the Bradley Effect?

    Tom Bradley

    After Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire, pundits have been arguing over whether the "Bradley Effect" contributed to Barack Obama's second-place finish. That's the phenomenon of voters telling pollsters they support a black candidate, but changing their minds in the voting booth. Weekend America's Desiree Cooper sits down with author and professor Michael Fauntroy to find out what's going on .

  • Ron Paul's Montana Revolution?

    Ron Paul's Town

    Montana's Republican caucuses are part of Super Tuesday on February 5, and this year a limited number of spots are available to those wishing to caucus. It's too much bureaucracy for some, but Ron Paul supporters see it as a golden opportunity. Paul trails in the polls but the Ron Paul army hopes that with a win in Montana, they can send a message.

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