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  • New Life for Hamtramck's Black Enclave

    Area of Concern

    The small city of Hamtramck, right in the middle of Detroit, fought a court order to help rebuild an African-American enclave destroyed by neglect. Now that enclave has new life, thanks to 200 new homes. And for two sisters, it's a new beginning.

  • Border Wall, Spanish Land Grant Collide

    Border patrol near Tijuana, Mexico

    The Department of Homeland Security is building a border wall/fence along the U.S. border with Mexico. Authorities want to put a wall across Eloisa Tamez' property in south Texas -- a wall that will cut in half the land that has been in her family for centuries.

  • The Growing Influence of Kids

    "I'll have the enchiladas!"

    Children and young adults seem to be gaining more and more influence on the decisions of their parents. It's natural to want to "empower" kids as they get older, but are we giving our kids too much power?

  • Let's Play San Francisco Hide-a-Torch!

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- Yale literature professor Amy Hungerford, Simon Doonan, author and creative director of Barneys New York, and writer John Ridley, who has an NPR blog called "Visible Man."

  • How to Up-Sell in a Down Market


    Countless American homeowners are feeling the pinch of the subprime meltdown. Caught in the middle are real estate agents, who are increasingly relying on creative ways to lure potential buyers. John Moe explores what some agents are doing to help close the deal.

  • Don't Ruminate, Communicate

    View from Santa Monica to Malibu hills

    Weekend America co-host Bill Radke continues his exploration of the values he hopes to pass down to his daughter. This time, two experts share some simple truths: be positive about your life, and take time to communicate with your kids.

  • The Front Lines of the Hunger Fight

    A free gallon of milk

    Many Americans are turning to government and private aid as tough economic times get even tougher. In hard-hit Ohio, food pantries and hunger centers are reporting record turnout. Weekend America correspondent Mhari Saito learns it takes diligence to keep people fed.

  • How Do You Know It's Spring?

    Class is in session

    We asked members of Jane Streelman's kindergarten class to tell us how they know when spring has arrived. They gave us answers in pictures and in words.

  • Putin's Peeved, Swiss Black Holes

    Our panel of non-experts reviews the week's news -- Red state writer Nancy French, comedian and overall funny guy Dana Gould and New Yorker magazine cartoonist Bob Mankoff.

  • Real-Life Fish Tales

    The Day Nearly Everyone Died with Buddy Holly

    It happens all the time: people exaggerate the details of a story, remember something wrong, embellish for dramatic flair, and just accidentally misstate something. It happened to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, with her "sniper fire" fib. We take a look at some more everyday real-life fish tales...

  • From Iraq to Detroit

    Moving Pictures

    The Augustin family fled Iraq and now they live in Detroit. Producers Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler talk with them about the one thing they managed to hold on to: their home movies.

  • An Alternative Spring Break

    Janel Knight primes baseboards in St. Bernard, La.

    There is a whole new generation of college students who spend their break doing volunteer work. Weekend America co-host Desiree Cooper talks to Janel Knight, a senior at American University who is in Louisiana building homes for families displaced by hurricane Katrina.

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