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  • Making Violins in the Midst of War

    Second Shift

    In the year-and-a-half that her husband was in Iraq, Korinthia Klein kept busy by building string instruments. Sarah Lemanczyk spent a Saturday in the busy life of this mother and artisan to bring us her story.

  • Weekend Soundtrack: "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)"

    What song says it's the weekend? We've been asking you what's playing on your iPod, CD player and tape decks when the weekend rolls around. Michael Langlois hears our show on WLRN in Miami, Fla. He explains why the Love and Rockets song "Ying and Yang (The Flower Pot Man)" reminds him of the weekend.

  • Song and Memory: "96 Tears"

    Rebel Chef Anthony Bourdain is best known for his raucous ways in the world of the professional kitchen, which he details in his book "Kitchen Confidential." We asked him to put away his pans and think back to when he was a kid -- is there a song from childhood that brings it all back? Bourdain can pinpoint his desire for a rebellious drug- and sex- drenched youth to one song: "96 Tears" by ? and the Mysterians. Weekend America asks him what he loved about that song.

  • Weekend Soundtrack: "I Am the Movie"

    We've been asking what's on your CD player or MP3 player or even tape deck on Saturday and Sunday. What songs say to you, it's the weekend? We hear from listener Sophie Hess from Phoenix, Md. She tells us why a song by Motion City Soundtrack has special meaning for her.

  • Song and Memory: "Private Eyes"

    People recall songs from their lives that evoke strong memories. Independent producers Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler talk with Mike Daisey, who says "Private Eyes," by Hall and Oats conjures up some serious memories for him.

  • Beyond the Silk Road With Yo-Yo Ma

    Yo-Yo Ma

    Yo-Yo Ma has worked for nearly a decade and educate people about the culture of the Silk Road. Weekend America's Bill Radke speaks with the renowned cellist about his latest collaboration with the Silk Road Ensemble.

  • Weekend Soundtrack: Time Out of Mind

    Each week we ask listeners about the song that reminds them of the weekend. This week, Allison Austin from Illinois explains why she can't get Steely Dan's "Time Out of Mind" out of her mind.

  • Weekend Soundtrack: Aquamarine

    We've been asking listeners to tell us the special song that means the weekend to them. This week we hear from James "Dewey" Dewhurst, a private contractor in Afghanistan. His weekend soundtrack is Carlos Santana's "Aquamarine."

  • Weekend Soundtrack: Marriage of Figaro

    We've been asking listeners what song reminds them of the weekend. And you've been answering our call. Guest Host John Moe speaks with Lee Lipton of Sacramento, Calif., who thinks of the weekend when she hears Mozart's Marriage of Figaro.

  • Weekend Soundtrack: Face

    There's often that one song that reminds us of the weekend. We've asked our listeners what song rings in their Saturdays and Sundays and we share their stories with you. This week John Duffy, who listens to our show in Elizabethtown, Penn., shares his soundtrack to the weekend.

  • Reflections on a Violent Art Project

    Chicago Artist Wafaa Bilal spent 31 days last month locked in a room being shot at by strangers. The strangers were virtual, operating a paintball gun, and Bilal had no idea who they were or why they were shooting. He called his exhibit "Domestic Tension." Bilal is an Iraqi who fled Saddam's regime in 1991. His father and younger brother were killed in the current Iraq war. We talked to him during his stay in the exhibit, and we catch up with him now that he's free. We ask Bilal what he's learned since being a marked target, and what life is like now.

  • "Southland in the Springtime"

    The Vaidhyanathan Women

    We've been asking you what song says the weekend for you. This week, listener Vedana Vaidhyanathan from Chapel Hill, N.C. shares her weekend soundtrack with us.

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