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  • Cleaning to an "Icy Blue Heart"

    Kayak Practice

    Roxanne Cronin listens to "Icy Blue Heart" by John Hiatt while she cleans. And mends a broken heart.

  • Cole's Guitar, by Brian Turner

    Brian Turner

    On December 3, 2003, Brian Turner crossed the Kuwaiti border into Iraq. He was an infantry team leader with the Third Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Second Infantry Division. Turner is a poet, and he shares his thoughts of home on his final night in Iraq.

  • The Eagles Carolers

    album cover

    Cindy Simmons of Seattle, Wash., is a lecturer of First Amendment law. She feels it's her duty to reinforce the secular voice in public spaces and to balance out the chorus of baby Jesus songs and snowman medleys. So for the past six years, Cindy and a small following--seven secular carolers and a puppy--have taken to caroling songs by the Eagles.

  • Great Moments in Small Talk

    A few weeks ago, Weekend America asked listeners to send us their small talk stories. Small talk is a big part of the holidays, when innocuous chatter can smooth over many an awkward moment. But sometimes, small talk can get us into trouble. We hear how.

  • A Vocal Holiday Tradition

    Rebecca and husband

    Rebecca Summerlot lives in Orlando and listens to us on WMFE. She tells us how singing in front of hundreds of people signals the holidays for her.

  • Joe Sacco's "Palestine"

    The special edition of Joe Sacco's book

    Joe Sacco travels around the world collecting stories and conducting interviews like other reporters, but instead of writing articles, he draws comics. Sacco's most successful book is called "Palestine." This week, a special edition of the book goes into wide release.

  • Letters: Horse Rustlin' and "Puff" Endings

    This week we open the Weekend America mailbox, and we hear your thoughts on chopping down Christmas trees, how "Puff the Magic Dragon" could end happily and how horse theft is a real problem in the U.S.

  • The Puppetless Puppet Show

    The Romano Girls 1984

    Listener Lisa Romano lives in Earlysville, Va. She remembers putting on a Christmas Eve puppet show for her parents in their home with her older sister. The puppets weren't string puppets or sock puppets - they were a mix of Barbies, My Little Ponies and bits of other toys.

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