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  • The Final Mission of Chicken Starship

    Jack Chicken's Swan Song

    Since 1993, Weekend America's senior reporter John Moe has been leading a double life: journalist by day, rock musician by night. But as he gears up to leave his home in Seattle and move to Minnesota, he must leave his rock band behind. But not before one last gig...

  • The Best Movie Lines Ever?

    "It's the Libyans!"

    Weekend America asked you for your most memorable movie lines. And you responded in force. Read some of the best movie lines ever as determined by you, our listeners.

  • Costumers Make Ends Meet

    Records were sold at the Local 705

    The Writers Guild of America finally reached an agreement with the big media studios, ending a 100-day strike. But it'll take a while for production crews to get back into the swing of things. That's left thousands of behind-the-scenes workers still trying to make ends meet. Reporter Eve Troeh visits a costumers' fundraiser in North Hollywood, Calif.

  • Hair Club for Presidents

    General Washington's Locks

    In honor of Presidents' Day, the Academy of Natural Sciences is displaying hair from several presidents of the United States. This will be the first time the public has gotten a look at the locks of Presidents George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Reporter Joel Rose takes a peek.

  • The (Not So Super) Sonics

    The Seattle SuperSonics watch a lead dwindle.

    As the NBA All-Star Game tips off in New Orleans, you may notice something missing -- a Seattle SuperSonic. The team's having a terrible year with one of the worst records in the league. But fans in Seattle aren't worrying much about the wins and losses. They're just wondering if there will be a team next year. The owners want to move the team to Oklahoma City as soon as next season. Are fans having a hard time rooting for the home team? Weekend America's John Moe investigates.

  • Seeing Snowflakes

    Stellar Dendrite

    Kenneth Libbrecht photographs snowflakes. To do so, he holds out a piece of cardboard, captures the fleeting flake and photographs it using a custom-built microscope. The photographs capture the beauty that falls to earth, mostly unnoticed.

  • The Sound of Cancer, and Golf

    Cell Sonification

    Although Jonathan Berger, a composer and professor of music at Stanford University, has only been on a golf course once in his life, a certain aspect of the sport has played an interesting role in his research. What fascinates him about golf is the same as in cancer cells and oil spills -- their sound.

  • Song and Memory: "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer"

    Once Upon a Doorstep

    "Coming in on a Wing and Prayer," by Harold Adamson, reminds Lucinda Alsobrook Coulter-Burbach of growing up on Dyersberg Army Air Base in Halls, Tenn.

  • Musica Sacra's Sounds of Winter

    Lifting Voices

    Can the human voice can evoke a freezing storm or the warmth of home? The choral ensemble, Musica Sacra of Cambridge, Mass., perform modern compositions that represent winter.

  • Raine's "How Snow Falls"

    Poet Craig Raine shares his poem "How Snow Falls," which was published in the latest issue of Granta magazine.

  • A Picnic on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    The Fam

    Ewa Powell lives in the foothills of North Carolina with her husband and two kids. On sunny winter days, they head up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. In the winter, many parts of the parkway are closed to traffic, leaving wide open space to walk and wander. Sometimes the Powells picnic right in the middle of the highway, while the kids play. Powell says, it's so quiet and peaceful there that it makes them feel like they are the only people left on earth -- in a good way.

  • "Everything for Everyone," Except on the Weekends

    Scarecrow, Witch & Man

    Tamara Neff's weekend soundtrack in Baltimore is "Everything for Everyone," by Johnette Napolitano. Neff says this song reminds her to make the weekends all about herself.

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