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Weekend America Series

America at War

Weekend America brings you stories of people in the midst of and touched by the wars abroad.


  • Project Censored

    The war in Iraq often dominates headlines today, as it has for the past four years. That means many other stories aren't on the front page. Project Censored has been highlighting what it sees as the big but under-reported stories for the past 31 years. The group at Sonoma State University in California has already published its list for 2007. Host John Moe takes a peek.

  • To Look Back, or Not to Look Back

    While the war in Iraq continues, there's renewed interest in revisiting how we got into it in the first place. Next week, the House Committee on Oversight and government reform will hold a new round of hearings about the intelligence that led up to the war. We get mixed signals about the past all the time--as citizens and as individuals. We're admonished that "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it." But we're encouraged to "let go and leave the past behind." So which is it? That's what Weekend America's Krissy Clark wants to know.

  • A Question About Iraq

    We asked listeners last week to share their stories related to the Iraq War with us. Hear what people are talking about and how they are connected to the war in Iraq.

  • A Veteran Poet

    Mickey Cesar is a poet and a veteran of the Iraq War. He's written poems in the 140-degree heat of the desert with sand blowing every which way. He says all of his poems, regardless of the topic, are informed by the war. Cesar shares his story with Weekend America.

  • A Poet Laureate Under Fire

    Poet Maxwell Corydon Wheat, Jr. was ready to accept the position of poet laureate of New York's Nassau County on Monday, when the county legislature balked. In 2005, Wheat wrote a book of poetry called "Iraq and Other Killing Fields: Poetry for Peace," something a little different from his other poetry. We talk with Wheat about the honor he is getting--with or without the county legislature's blessing.

  • From the Theater of War to the Theater of Plays

    Can you picture Brad Pitt going off to fight in Iraq? It might not have been so strange 50 years ago. Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, and James Doohan all fought for the U.S. armed forces during World War II. Nowadays we don't come across too many people who've spent time acting as well as serving in the military. But VetStage, a new theater company in Los Angeles, is trying to change that. "Weekend America's" Krissy Clark spent time with the group while they rehearsed for their first performance, "The Wolf."

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