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Weekend America Series

Along the Lincoln Highway

During the summer of 2006 we went on a road trip along the Lincoln Highway. Built in 1913, it was the very first road to cross the whole country in one shot. As the interstate highway system grew, the Lincoln was largely forgotten. A two-lane road could hardly compete with the I-80. And sure, the interstate gets you where you're going, but with the same KFCs and McDonalds and Best Westerns everywhere, it's hardly the way to see the country. But the Lincoln Highway let us stumble on all the unique and weird parts of America that make a road trip great.


  • Lincoln Highway

    Last summer, Weekend America started a trip across the Lincoln Highway, America's first coast-to-coast road. The road opened in 1913 and started the venerable American tradition of the cross-country car trip. So now we are starting the New Year by wrapping up the trip at the highway's end, in California. We sent Weekend America's Pat Loeb to drive the final stretch, which for her, was like a dream come true.

  • Food Fears

    This week, Federal health officials said that lettuce was the most likely source for the E. coli outbreak that has made 70-plus people sick in the Northeast. This scare really hits home for Dennis Krause. Last September, his family got sick from eating contaminated spinach. His son was hit the hardest, and after being put on dialysis and having several blood transfusions, is still recovering. We talk to Krause about how his relationship to food has changed since his family's illness and what the latest scare means to him.

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