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Cristina Pena

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  • An Extra Day

    Cimarron High, empty on a three-day weekend

    It's a three-day weekend for many Americans, an extended weekend to hit the beach one more time. Or a state fair to have one last food item on a stick. But more and more Americans get to enjoy a three-day weekend every week. An increasing number of towns and cities, even school districts, are adopting four-day weeks in an effort to curb energy use. It often means longer days at the office, working four ten-hour days, but there is that one extra day off.

  • Flickr from the Olympics

    Olympic tickets

    Lately, we've been seeing some pictures from the Olympics appearing on our Weekend America Flick feed. We tracked down the photographers and asked about them.

  • America's Weekend: Making Biscuits, Riding the Hurricane

    Biscuit Monster

    We look forward to hearing from our listeners here at Weekend America, especially when you all tell us about the things you get into over the weekend. This week, we went through the Flickr feed of pictures tagged "Weekend America", picked some of our favorites and contacted the photographers to hear the stories behind them.

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