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Laura Spero

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  • Mission: Garage

    Kevin Felici's Garage

    Got some chores this weekend? Raking leaves? Washing the car? Maybe the most dreaded chore of all - are you bracing yourself? Cleaning out the garage. It's the worst, isn't it? Well, for some people, it's not. There is a type of American for whom the garage is so much more than a place to store junk or cars. For the last four years, Kevin Felici has been working nights and weekends in a quest for the perfect garage.

  • My Dad the World Champion

    World-Class Athletes

    Don Spero is six-foot-two, bald and tough. A long time ago, he once had a duel with a formidable Russian champion. As the sun comes up one Saturday morning, Don and his daughter Laura reminisce at the Potomac Boat Club about an athletic rivalry that has achieved mythic status in the family lore.

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