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Liz Jones

  • Liz Jones

    Liz Jones is a reporter at KUOW Public Radio in Seattle. As a general assignment reporter, she covers anything from immigration to biofuel to Microsoft. Her work has taken her to central Mexico, where she produced a documentary about immigration and indigenous communities.

    Previously, Liz worked as an editor and writer for Oxygen Media in New York.

    One of Liz’s greatest challenges is staying put. She’s lived in Spain and Peru and loves to travel. But she finds a good radio story can often satisfy the travel bug – you get to meet new people, make sense out of something unfamiliar, and find creative ways to communicate.

    In her spare time she enjoys being in the mountains, snowboarding and watching every filmed version of Pride & Prejudice over and over and over again.

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  • Let's Talk About Porn, Baby

    The Stranger's amateur porn festival logo

    We should alert parents out there, this story deals with the subject of P-O-R-N. It's the talk of the town in Seattle this weekend as thousands of people attend an amateur porn festival called Hump. But what some people find stimulating, other people find off-putting. Reporter Liz Jones falls into that latter camp. But she has a connection with this film festival that was not of her choosing.

  • New History for an Old Lynching

    Booker Townsell in uniform.

    Growing up in Milwaukee, Lashell Drake spent a lot of time with her grandfather. They were close. He liked to talk. But one thing he never talked about was World War II. Only recently did Lachell learn why - a reason he carried with him to his grave.

  • Lost Dad

    As fall swings into gear, it can be the perfect time to connect with nature. A few years ago, reporter Liz Jones went camping with her parents on a real backcountry trip. However, not everything went according to plan--dad got lost. Jones and her dad never really talked about what happened on the trip until recently.

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