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Tamara Keith

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  • Loan modifications that don't help

    A new government study reveals Americans are struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments, and loan modification plans aimed at helping homeowners aren't working. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Geithner calls for sweeping authority

    At a House committee hearing, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner called for expanded authority to take over financial institutions considered at risk of destabilizing the economy. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Are money market funds safe?

    The money market industry is proposing changes that would lower yields, improve safety and place restrictions on certain funds. But should you choose a money market account over a savings account? Reporter Tamara Keith asks the experts.

  • Airfare war not so bad for airlines

    To get consumers traveling again, airlines are slashing fares to compete with low-budget carriers like Southwest. As Tamara Keith reports, the low fares aren't hurting airlines as much as you may think.

  • Program helps stabilize neighborhoods

    Thousands of foreclosed properties are sitting on the market and driving home values down. But one federal program is aimed at helping people who don't own homes buy foreclosed properties to get them off the market. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Vacant retail spaces get creative re-use

    With more retail stores closing in this recession, property owners are left with a lot of vacant space to fill. Some are finding creative ways to do so. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Army attracts white-collar workers

    When the Army held a military job fair in Maryland recently for up to 400 civilian positions, about 4,000 applicants, many of them white-collar workers, lined up for inspection. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Me, My Family, and a Minivan

    Dad is my Pilot

    When Tamara Keith was 15, her parents drove her and her brother Donovan thousands of miles through 32 states on a quest to discover America. At the time, Tamara was a columnist for the local newspaper in the small California farm town where they lived.

  • Leaving My Dad's Private War Private

    Donn Keith, 1969

    Tamara Keith's father, a Vietnam veteran, has a hard time talking about the things he witnessed during the war. This Father's Day, she explains us why her family absolutely won't be discussing the war or his part in it -- because sometimes it's better to remember her dad as he is now, and not dredge up painful memories and emotions.

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