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Tamara Keith

  • Tamara Keith

    Tamara Keith hosts her own podcast and a public radio program called B-Side Radio. Keith is also the Sacramento Region Reporter for KQED, and has worked as the State Capital Bureau reporter for KPCC (Southern California Public Radio).

Recent Stories


  • Is the bottom near for housing market?

    Home prices continue to drop. Analysts say without major economic recovery the market will continue plummeting. Tamara Keith reports on whether the bottom is even in sight.

  • Why does GMAC need more money?

    GMAC, the auto finance arm of General Motors, is set to collect billions in government aid. Why does it need more money and is this unfair to other automakers? Tamara Keith reports.

  • How to power a new fuel economy

    The Obama administration's new fuel efficiency standards will require vehicles to get at least 35.5 miles per gallon by 2016. What does this mean for cars of the future? Tamara Keith reports.

  • How helpful is the foreclosure help?

    The Obama administration kicked off a plan three months ago to help people avoid foreclosure. Some program advocates say it's working, while critics complain the companies involved aren't serious about it. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Decoding the home appraisal process

    Appraisers wield a lot of power when it comes to naming a value on your property. But how exactly do they come up with that magical number? Tamara Keith reports on how the appraisal process works.

  • Chrysler's impact on dealers, customers

    Just because Chrysler is entering bankruptcy protection doesn't mean the automaker has stopped selling cars. The question is, will consumers buy them? Tamara Keith visits a dealership to find out.

  • Zipcar moves into D.C.'s public sector

    Zipcar members across the country can rent a car for a few hours when needed. Now the car-sharing company is offering its services to municipalities, and Washington, D.C., is the first to take it for a spin. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Is a slower slowdown a good sign?

    All sorts of economic indicators are down, but they aren't as bad as many experts expected. So if things are getting worse more slowly, is the economy improving? Tamara Keith reports.

  • Low demand fuels oversupply of oil

    U.S. crude oil inventories are at their highest levels since 1990 as consumer demand lowers and depressed industries use less fuel. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Treasury has trouble filling open spots

    Reports say the current head of Fannie Mae might head TARP, one of several open positions at the Treasury Department that it seems no one is willing or able to take. Tamara Keith reports.

  • Microsoft really wants you to use Vista

    Microsoft will soon end support for XP in an effort to push its Vista operating system. But with many computers still running on XP and a lot of resistance to the newer system is this a good idea? Tamara Keith reports.

  • Broadband plan brings big changes

    The Federal Communications Commission will soon dig into the National Broadband Plan to chart the future of high-speed Internet. What changes could it bring? Tamara Keith reports.

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