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Lu Olkowski

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  • The Crime of Cultural Preservation

    Ngawang Choephel

    Imagine growing up feeling as if you didn't belong anywhere. Imagine going back to the place where you were born to record the traditional folksongs you grew up listening to, only to be arrested for espionage. This and more happened to Ngawang Choephel, but he's not bitter, just more determined to preserve the music and autonomy of his Tibetan culture.

  • Life In A Dream, Life On Film

    Isaiah and Julia Zagar

    In seven years, Jeremiah Zagar captured the creativity, passion and dysfunction that was his family. His father Isaac is an eccentric and tormented painter who chronicles his own family in his work. The film, "In A Dream," premiers at SXSW this week and Weekend America contributor Lu Olkowski brings us the story, behind the story.

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