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E Okobi

  • E Okobi

    E. Okobi was a staff-writer for the now-defunct Mia magazine ("For Latinos and Those Who Love Them") during her senior year at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She moved back to her hometown after graduation and became an editorial assistant at the San Francisco Chronicle and then returned to New York in 2001 to write for Trace magazine. Articles by her have been published in the San Francisco Film Foundation's Release Print magazine and the Association for Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF) Independent.

    As a graduate student at the American University School of Communication (AU) in Washington, DC, Okobi assisted Professor Jane Hall in producing a conference on Journalism in the 21st Century, and on research for American Forum, a community affairs program broadcast on WAMU.

    "Sound of the Drums," a documentary short she produced for a class taught by Charlene Gilbert was screened at the San Francisco Black Film Festival, and the Urbanworld/VIBE Film Festival in 2007, the same year Okobi was also chosen by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for one of its two Non-fiction/Documentary internships.

    Ms. Okobi received her BFA in Dramatic Writing and her MA in Journalism and Public Affairs.

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