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Shannon Mullen

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  • Big pet stores sniffing around for smaller retail spaces

    Petco is focusing on smaller, more upscale stores. Just don't expect to find actual pets for sale here.

  • Sponsor puts a new spin on bike rally

    If you own a motorcycle, you may have heard of Laconia Bike Week. The event is the oldest of the country's "Big Three" motorcycle rallies, and it used to be one of the wildest. But these days, a new corporate sponsor is part of a different scene. Shannon Mullen reports.

  • Going Solar Gets Cheaper

    The volunteers form an assembly line

    About three-dozen friends are hanging out on the roof of Kevin Frank's home in Holderness, New Hampshire. They're there to save the environment, and a few bucks in the process.

  • The Head of a Patriot

    Fanvas and Artist

    There's wearing a team's colors, and there's tattooing them all over your head. Reporter Shannon Mullen visits one Patriots fan in New Hampshire that's let his team's success go to his head.

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