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Joel Rose

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  • Consumers display negotiating nerve

    In this economic climate, more consumers are negotiating with companies to lower prices on goods they would have never considered bargaining for before -- from cable prices to high speed Internet to rent. Joel Rose reports.

  • Longtime workers enter jobless ranks

    More than 6 million people are getting unemployment benefits nationwide, the most in at least 40 years. But the numbers only tell so much. Reporter Joel Rose talked to three first-time recipients about what unemployment means for them.

  • Low sales lead to a lift in liquidation

    Consumer spending is down, leaving stores with a lot of unsold inventory. So retailers are unloading those items to companies that specialize in liquidating merchandise, and business for inventory cleaners is booming. Joel Rose reports.

  • Levittown Turns 50

    The original Levittown model home.

    On Sept. 28, 2008, the residents of Willingboro, N.J. are throwing a semi-formal banquet to celebrate the town's 50th anniversary. But you might know Willingboro by its original name: Levittown. The name isn't the only thing that's changed. What started in 1958 as an all-white town on the edge of the Philadelphia suburbs is now a diverse community of people from all over the world.

  • Happy 10th birthday, Google

    Google celebrates it's 10th year this month, but the company isn't slacking, even though it's now worth $140 billion. Joel Rose reports on why the world's most popular search engine has its head in the clouds.

  • Acupuncture touted for low-cost care

    A possible solution to high health-care costs might be coming from an unlikely source -- an alternative form of treatment that's been around for centuries. Joel Rose reports.

  • Freezing out copycat ice cream trucks

    I scream, you scream, we all scream for... trademark infringement? Joel Rose has more on ice cream truck company Mister Softee's legal battle against imposters.

  • Clothes lines: Energy savers or eyesores?

    Outdoor clothes drying racks save energy and money, but try convincing homeowners' associations in the U.S. that they're not just an eyesore. One Australian company is accepting the challenge. Joel Rose reports.

  • Philly's get-out-the-vote charges

    Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama join in an old tradition tonight when they debate in Philadelphia. They're also trying to avoid another local custom: paying party operatives to get out the vote. Joel Rose reports.

  • Anticipation in Philadelphia

    Senators at Center Stage

    It's a surprise to many Philadelphians that their state's late primary is crucial to the Democratic race. Reporter Joel Rose talks to voters in Philadelphia about their anticipation for the Obama/Clinton invasion.

  • Atlantic City doubles down on casinos

    In spite of a slowing economy, Atlantic City plans to spend almost $10 billion on a new wave of casino projects. The city is betting on a new demographic of gamblers to spruce up the local economy. Joel Rose reports.

  • Hair Club for Presidents

    General Washington's Locks

    In honor of Presidents' Day, the Academy of Natural Sciences is displaying hair from several presidents of the United States. This will be the first time the public has gotten a look at the locks of Presidents George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. Reporter Joel Rose takes a peek.

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