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Rene Gutel

  • Rene Gutel

    Rene Gutel is a public radio reporter at KJZZ in Phoenix. She covers a bit of everything: business, immigration, crime, politics, digital culture and all things quirky. Her work has appeared nationally on "Weekend America," NPR's "Morning Edition," "All Things Considered," "Day to Day," PRI's "The World" and the "Voice of America." Rene has won journalism awards in Alaska, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and three regional Edward R. Murrow awards from the Radio-Television News Directors Association. In her spare time, she takes her two miniature dachshunds to the dog park. She's also a producer for the alt.NPR podcast, "B-Side Radio."

Recent Stories


  • Food for the Inaugural Ball

    Executive Chef Pasquale Ingenito

    Pasquale Ingenito is executive chef of Windows Catering Company, one of the premier catering companies in the DC area. This weekend his kitchens will be in "full production mode" as they prepare food for the various Inaugural events over the next few days. Weekend America host John Moe checks in live with Pasquale in the kitchen.

  • Politics on the Spot: Truck Stop

    Trucker Jesse Cerna

    With the presidential election just over six weeks away, we're launching a new series on Weekend America called "Politics on the Spot." We're sending reporters out to spots around the country and asking them to talk to everyone there about a specific issue under debate this election. Reporter Rene Gutel kicks off the series with a look at fuel prices and economic policy at a truck stop in Phoenix.

  • McCain's Real Summer Home

    Cornville, Arizona. Population 3,300.

    The names of presidential hometowns have a special ring to them, a sort of geographical charisma or gravitas. There was Hope, Arkansas. Plains, Georgia. Crawford, Texas and Kennebunkport, Maine. Well if John McCain is elected, the world will get to know a tiny town tucked in Arizona's Verde Valley. It's where McCain goes for weekend getaways. And it's not where you think.

  • Hot Jobs: Air Conditioner Repairman

    When it gets really hot out and your air conditioner conks out, Russ Wichterman could be your knight in shining armor. Wichterman tells us what it's like to be an air conditioning repairman.

  • The Tiger Woods of Tennis?

    Already a prodigous player

    Six-year-old Jan Silva is already being referred to as the Tiger Woods of tennis. A video of Jan playing tennis when he was 3 led to an invitation to move from California to live and train at one of the world's premier tennis schools in France. Already, the attention of the tennis world is riveted by the sport's next big prodigy.

  • Signing Up to be Watched

    Jody Gnant

    Jody Gnant is never alone. People are always watching her, when she's sleeping, brushing her teeth or having a so-called private conversation. But it's all Gnant's choosing. She's a "lifecaster."

  • A Showdown in Phoenix

    Pruitt's Protestors

    Protestors and counter-demonstrators gather every Saturday in Phoenix, Ariz., to rally, either for or against, a tough new state immigration law that will take affect in jan. Rene Gutel reports on the tumult that has become a weekly standard.

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