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Scott Gurian

  • Scott Gurian

    Since 2004, Scott Gurian has been the News Director of public radio station KGOU in the Oklahoma City area. He's covered everything from the Oklahoma City bombing anniversary and natural disasters (of which Oklahoma has a lot) to small town catfish and rattlesnake festivals.

    Prior to joining KGOU, Scott produced a daily, national news magazine program on the Pacifica Radio Network in Washington, DC. He grew up in New Jersey, attended school in Boston and studied radio documentary at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine. His previous pieces for "Weekend America" include a profile of bald eagle watchers in Oklahoma and a story about his family reunion. Scott loves traveling and hopes to one day be a foreign correspondent.

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  • The Immigrants are OK!


    As of last month in Oklahoma, it's a felony for anyone to transport, conceal or house undocumented immigrants. As a result, this weekend and over the past few weekends, things have been a little quieter than they used to be in Oklahoma's Hispanic neighborhoods. Scott Gurian reports.

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