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John Moe

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  • Travels with Fuzzy

    Fuzzy gets stuck

    John Moe recently moved his family from Seattle to St. Paul, Minn. It was a big shift -- two kids, a house that had been a home for 10 years. He's been keeping track of the process in a series of stories called Moving Day. In this episode, he heads east with an unlikely traveling companion.

  • Mike Gravel, Still in the Running


    There's more to the 2008 campaign than Obama, Clinton and McCain. We catch up with former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, who may yet earn the title of the "real maverick." He started out as a Democrat, but now he's is running as a Libertarian.

  • How to Up-Sell in a Down Market


    Countless American homeowners are feeling the pinch of the subprime meltdown. Caught in the middle are real estate agents, who are increasingly relying on creative ways to lure potential buyers. John Moe explores what some agents are doing to help close the deal.

  • Moving My Emotional Baggage

    Apparently I invited someone on a picnic.

    Weekend America Sr. Reporter John Moe recently moved from Seattle to St. Paul, Minn. -- and that meant going through everything he owned and deciding what to keep and what to throw out. This is the first in a series of stories called Moving Day, all about the sometimes thorny, sometimes emotional issues that go along with making a big move.

  • The Final Mission of Chicken Starship

    Jack Chicken's Swan Song

    Since 1993, Weekend America's senior reporter John Moe has been leading a double life: journalist by day, rock musician by night. But as he gears up to leave his home in Seattle and move to Minnesota, he must leave his rock band behind. But not before one last gig...

  • The (Not So Super) Sonics

    The Seattle SuperSonics watch a lead dwindle.

    As the NBA All-Star Game tips off in New Orleans, you may notice something missing -- a Seattle SuperSonic. The team's having a terrible year with one of the worst records in the league. But fans in Seattle aren't worrying much about the wins and losses. They're just wondering if there will be a team next year. The owners want to move the team to Oklahoma City as soon as next season. Are fans having a hard time rooting for the home team? Weekend America's John Moe investigates.

  • (Still) Campaigning for Kucinich

    Homemade Fervor

    Recently, the Washington state Dennis Kucinich campaign ran into a problem: their guy dropped out of the presidential race. But rather than fold up the campaign effort, the Kucinich folks decided to soldier on anyway. They're gearing up for this weekend's Washington caucuses, hoping to earn delegates and have an influence on the party's national platform. Are they delusional or nobly crusading on behalf of their ideals?

  • A Candidate Blind Taste Test

    Who Do You REALLY Want?

    Weekend America gets a lot of letters about coverage of the campaign, and one complaint keeps coming up about media coverage in general: too much focus on the personalities, not enough on the issues. So we decided to run a little experiment. We've taken the remaining candidates for president, given them pseudonyms, and summarized what they stand for. Can you guess who stands for what?

  • All's Fair in Campaigning and Politics

    Rod Shealy, Sr.

    Political consultant Rod Shealy is a S.C. native who has seen and caused his fair share of political drama. He is usually very busy around this time, but as Republicans cast their vote in the 2008 S.C. primary, he'll just sit back and watch. He's not working for any presidential candidates this time around. Guest host John Moe talks with Shealy about his state's reputation for mudslinging during election time.

  • The Truth About Jena

    Mychal Bell's Parents & Co. on Capitol Hill

    After racial tensions came to a head in the small town of Jena, La., Atlantic Monthly contributor Amy Waldman found that there was more to the racial conflict than most of the media coverage reflected.

  • How To Tell A Joke

    Whatever happened to jokes? Not just saying something funny, but a real joke with a set up and punchline. Guest host John Moe asks Chris Cashman of Seattle, the recent winner of a joke-telling contest.

  • Ron Paul's Montana Revolution?

    Ron Paul's Town

    Montana's Republican caucuses are part of Super Tuesday on February 5, and this year a limited number of spots are available to those wishing to caucus. It's too much bureaucracy for some, but Ron Paul supporters see it as a golden opportunity. Paul trails in the polls but the Ron Paul army hopes that with a win in Montana, they can send a message.

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