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  • A Baseball Dilemma

    Weekend America host John Moe wonders if he's committing baseball adultery by rooting for a new team now that his beloved Seattle Mariners are on a losing streak.

  • Kontemporary Kartoons

    Weekend America's John Moe was once a dedicated watcher of Warner Bros. cartoons. Today John's own son faithfully tunes into cartoons every Saturday morning, but John finds it difficult to enjoy them. They're not funny, for one thing. But it's not the seriousness. The cartoons that John's son enjoys all follow a similar theme: Regular children in a magical world, beset with monsters, and fighting battles. Adults, as in dads, just don't really matter.

  • The Economy Meltdown

    Watching the stock index fall.

    This week's events on Wall Street seemed like something from a movie. From the start of the week there was panic in the financial world about how the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers would affect other financial markets. There was steep drop in the DOW and the government came in to help with bailouts. This is a problem that isn't going away.

  • Trying to Stabilize

    Wall Street Tries to Stabilize

    This week was a financial roller-coaster on Wall Street. How does it compare with other bad times, and what can history tell us about what's to come? Weekend America host John Moe gets some perspective from American Public Media's chief economics correspondent Chris Farrell.

  • Bankopalypse, Drilling, and Anchovies

    Wall Street tries to stabilize after meltdown

    It's been a rough week if you have or would like to have money ever. Or if you participate in the economy in any way. Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, Merrill Lynch was hastily sold to Bank of America. Insurance and financial services giant AIG got an $85 billion loan from the government. The Dow plunged, then soared later in the week as Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson announced a plan to back troubled money market funds.

  • Music for the Deaf

    Sean Forbes Interpreting a Song

    For many of us, going to see live music on the weekend is something we take for granted. We obsess over a band, listen to their music and go to their shows. There's a smaller segment of the population that has been mostly ignored by musicians, but they're just as passionate about the music: the deaf and hard of hearing. This weekend, a competition kicks off to come up with technology that will help the hard of hearing community experience music.

  • Hurricane Ike

    Texas resident wades through high water from Ike.

    The city of Austin has been taking in evacuees fleeing Hurricane Ike from Galveston for days now. We hear an update from Mayor Will Wynn as the storm passes through Texas.

  • Hurricane Crisis

    Inspecting damage from Hurricane Ike

    We hear from Mark Reeves, chaplain for the Disaster Medical Assistance Medical 4 team from San Diego. The team is on the ground today in Texas helping recovery from Hurricane Ike. Reeves talks with host John Moe about the immediate mental and spiritual needs of evacuees.

  • Political Bets

    The big topic after the Republican National Convention seems to be Sarah Palin, an unknown when McCain picked her. The word you keep hearing is "gamble." She could flame out or pay off. It makes sense if you know that McCain likes to gamble. He's a craps player. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has stayed relatively quiet regarding Palin. As if he's sizing her up, reading her the way a poker player would. Turns out Obama loves poker.

  • Palin in Charge, Files on the Lam, and Citizen Enforcers

    Vigilante parking ticket writers?

    Citizens of Asheville, N.C., are taking the law, and a pad of parking tickets, into their own hands. Asheville is effectively deputizing anyone who completes a five-hour training course to write parking tickets for vehicles illegally parked in handicapped spots. Parking space vigilantism: Good news, bad news, or no news?

  • Preparing for Fall

    Squirrel's Nest

    Ever since John Moe moved to St. Paul last March, he's been on alert, waiting for the next weather extreme. It was eight degrees below zero when he arrived, and there was snow on the ground until April. Spring was around just long enough to get a whiff of the wild flowers, and summer seems like it started about a week ago. Now, we're on to fall, and John's started bracing for the winter. Before then, we had him get some insight into what fall has in store for him.

  • College Football Mania

    This weekend the air is becoming brisk. And if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of marching bands playing football fight songs. For college football fans, die-hards, true believers, the months between January and September are months of darkness, joylessness and patient waiting for the season to begin. Nowhere are fans more rabid than in the South. Georgia, Oklahoma, LSU, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas, Kentucky, Tennessee and of course, the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

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