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Sanden Totten

  • Sanden Totten serves as the Assistant Producer for MPR's In The Loop. He got his start with the company as an intern for the music station, 89.3 The Current. Since then he has done work for Midday, Weekend America and Marketplace. Prior to his life in Minnesota, Sanden served as both the News and Punk Director for WOBC 91.5 FM, the community radio station of Oberlin, Ohio. He graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in psychology and English in 2004.

Recent Stories


  • The YouTube Campaigners

    Did you see that YouTube video? The one some guy made for Obama? Why did he do it? He didn't get paid, and he probably won't end up with a cabinet position in an Obama presidency. We ask those who spend their weekends making art for their favorite candidate why they do it.

  • A Russian Election Party

    Together We Will Win!

    In Russia, Putin's hand-picked successor Dmitri Medvedev is nearly guaranteed to win to win the country's presidency. Russian ex-pats Ilya Merenzon and Katia Gaika are watching from afar and plan to cast their ballots. Weekend America talks to these two Russian citizens living in New York, for their unique perspective on democracy.

  • Shanties on Ice

    Sent from the Ice

    Every year on Medicine Lake, people submit designs in hope of being chosen to erect their shanty on the lake. It's the Art Shanty Project in Minnesota and Weekend America's Angela Kim and Sanden Totten paid the village a visit.

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